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  1. The engineers reaction is a testament to the quality of work you have done to this car. Well done. Congratulations! Can't wait to see/hear it
  2. Good work on a big task. I love a quote from Ep 1 "You can always get rid of rust" Noticed you were kneeling on something. You might want to invest in some kneepads or get some workpants that have padding in the knees. Makes it much nicer. Will subscribe for sure.
  3. Looks amazing Dave. You should be proud of what you have achieved! Better make room in your trophy cabinet.......
  4. Will be there. These BBQ's are like Pringles. Once you start, you can't stop!
  5. I can't believe I missed this topic I would have grabbed one fo shizzle Very generous of Enzo to donate them to the site to raise funds. Top work mate
  6. Interested if the car is going.
  7. Really? Got to be kidding me? It's the equivalent of them pumping out 700hp from a big block. Which few are doing! Good to get some recognition from the meat head scene Well done
  8. Are you going to fit a strut brace? Otherwise, those studs are a tad long. Yep. That's how picky we are being with your build now........ You should blame yourself really, for setting the bar so high!
  9. Those earlier pics are VH pacers. I spent 2 years monitoring the market. When I came across them, I had to buy without hesitation. (since sold, profiting from each) Here's another tip for newbie's. Many classic cars never hit the open market. They change hands behind closed doors and if you don't know the right people or get involved, you will miss out. Over the years, I have bought and sold 2 VH Pacers, 1 VG Pacer hardtop and bought another VG Pacer Hardtop. Not one was advertised publicly. Here's a pic of my family friendly toy. Even though it's a driver. It's currently stripped out as everyone's standards are different and it wasn't up to mine just yet. So buying a finished car is actually near on less possible than riding a unicorn. Finished, not finished!
  10. Here's one of my examples. I bought this orange basketcase with the intent to restore. I sold it off 6 months later, after realising that my family life is too demanding to take on a project like this at this stage of my life. Then I bought the white one from Queensland. I flew up and drove it home, was an awesome road trip via Bathurst. There's always things to do to even good cars. Ends up being your car, even though you didn't build it. And they go up in value more than they cost to own!
  11. In saying that. I have done both. They are both enjoyable and neither are ever actually finished! I've been out in the garage for most of my life, it's more than just working on the car out there.
  12. May be a can of worms, but here goes...... The idea here is more of a guide for every Tom, Dick and Harry wanting to but the cheapest Z they can and restore it. Here's my 2 cents. I'll keep it short and sweet. You want a project car to work on right? Then you can spend money on it slowly and build it up over time. Next thing you know, it's been 10 years and you've not only lost interest. You've still never driven it! Buy the best car you can afford. If you can't afford the best car, the cheap one will cost more than that! People think that buying a rusty clapped out POS is going to be the best option. It's not. Even a guy who loves working on cars and has years of experience, will want to buy a good solid base to start from. If you don't have the money. Why not get a loan and buy a better car. Instead of spending money on buying parts to restore and repair rust. Use that money to pay off the loan while you enjoy the car. If you have the money. Why don't you just spend it on the right bloody car? The most valuable thing any of us have is time. What are you going to spend yours on?
  13. Because using the KISS "keep it simple stupid" method is for pussies! Creating another reason to not start is how the kids do it now days...... It's the little things that make the build top shelf! Looks good
  14. Looking good as always Dave. I'm sure you'll figure it out and get it perfect, like the rest of the car!
  15. I have 44PHH Mikuni's with a 40 choke. It's supposed to be a track car, but doesn't get driven in anger often. (let alone driven at all) Engine is not standard, so may not be a good reference. Results may vary. lol But. I find the transition in each circuit of the carbs to be quite smooth. Cold starts are a non issue and it then turns into an animal when I step on the loud pedal!!
  16. I'm no Weber expert, but wouldn't think you'd see any gains on an L28. Choke size will make a difference dependant on what driving you want to do. Smaller will be driveable with good low-mid torque. Lager will be more about WOT and peak throttle. Cam selection will make just as much or a difference here too. My 2 cents
  17. An L24 won't run 50's. (Not to mention that a set of 50's will set you back $10k+) I would imagine that 40's would be ok on an L24, But 44's are hard to beat IMHO Mine were tuned on a dyno, No graph, as not chasing numbers, its all about the feeeeeelllzzzz
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