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  1. Anyone have a spare handheld cb? Having issues........ see you soon
  2. It's in my calendar and still have plenty of fuel from the last attempt.........
  3. Don't think I'll make the fathers day drive...... As I won't be bringing a child with me this time!
  4. Only 1 S30...... But I went too. Now I say went....... With my 5 year old son riding shot gun. Made it past the Reefton Hotel, literally just turned on to the fun twisty road. When he pipes up that he wasn't feeling well. I putted along for a while in the hope he'd be OK. Only to be pulled over within a few minutes teaching him how to vom without getting it on his shoes. I suppose that's an important life lesson. Poor little bugger. Unfortunately my cb radio was a different frequency and had no mobile service to let Gordo know I was turning back. Blake might have been sick but I was spewin!
  5. I'm guessing SU's could be better than incorrect and poorly set up 40mm Webers......
  6. Great idea Gordo. I'll try fit some in, car spends too much time collecting dust!
  7. You guys have looked on his profile for pics........... I can see you I did too, but he deleted them from when he was selling last time
  8. Depending on where you are located, there will be local club with a CH register. Z is with NDSOC, but they have rules and hoops. Apparently I need to have it looked over by them again, even though nothing has changed on it in years. I am with Lilydale & District with my Valiant, they have over 2,000 cars on the books. Don't need to do a thing with them but get the initial RWC, pay membership and get documents signed. Then enjoy the car at my leisure.
  9. Ohhhhh..... Bloody nice car! Someones gotten some deep pockets over the years Shows how waiting and spending more can get better results!
  10. Congrats on the purchase. Looks great Is that Rev's old car?
  11. Love it mate. Must be a decent size track if its taking you 2 minutes! Is there a way to have the track on the Motec display showing your location as well?
  12. It was the wife's car and she died years earlier, so that's how I read the ad. I drove past the house over the weekend and it looked abandoned.
  13. I wasn't assuming anything to be honest, it was based on many conversations over the years. He was always saying the classic line that "he was going to do it up one day....." But we both knew that was really never going to happen. The fact that he never contacted me as promised and the different contact details has me thinking the worst with his health. I'm sure we'll see it pop up again in the future.
  14. Yeah nah...... Seems to be my response to you today
  15. Yeah nah...... Can't go to that amount considering we were talking chicken feed all those years ago.
  16. This is the earliest Z that I can actually remember proper. And I was brought up around Datsun's! It was my primary school librarians car, who was also a school friend of my mums. I've been trying to buy it for 15 years or so, when the were literally worth nothing. She died many years ago and her husband promised that I would be first call when he was ready to part with it. I felt bad for him so stopped my frequent visits. So imagine my disappointment when I saw this on eBay this morning....... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DATSUN-240Z/273196691691?hash=item3f9bcab0eb:g:1sMAAOSwPwla7okX Given that the name and number aren't the original owners, I'm thinking he may have passed also. They didn't have any kids or anything, so the money that it goes for will line someone elses pocket. Shame he didn't sell it to me years ago so I could restore it and take him out. Maybe I should have tried to buy that VC Brock Commo from him after all......
  17. Don't know about Weber's, but there's no comparison with how much better Mikuni 44's are over 40's!
  18. The right cars can be..... But besides, they are way more fun than any other means of making money! I got the chance to experience my boyhood dream car recently, a Lamborghini Countach. Even just looking, smelling and feeling it was awesome! Owner asked me not to post anything on social media though...... Although I wanted to yell from the tree tops, alas.... I could not
  19. Hardly a "crash" or "bubble burst" by any stretch of the imagination....... That's more linked to global uncertainty at this point. I'd be more worried about the stock market and whats going to happen with OUR superannuation in the not so distant future!
  20. Never been registered and has 1,300kms on the odometer......... Not your usual classic car sale!
  21. So intelligent, he uploaded pictures equivalent of a polar bear in a snow storm!
  22. You can have new caps made up, they will require line boring. Or do as I have in mine. Spacer washers were made from tool steel (EN36A I think)
  23. I saw Marc and 4 Z's there, but didn't catch up with anyone else. Also as a side note......... Why were all 4 Z's driven forwards into the carparks and not reversed in with the fronts out?
  24. I'll see you there. not in a Z though, taking the family in the Val and cruising in with a mate with his Torry Can't wait to finally see your Z completed in the flesh Dave
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