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  1. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/malaga/cars-vans-utes/datsun-240z-licensed-non-matching-numbers-requires-attention-/1268111338?utm_source=com.samsung.android.app.notes&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=android_VIP_sticky
  2. I think its a good price considering how solid the car looked. Definitely a great investment.
  3. Looks ok but so hard to tell from those pictures. And seems to be missing quite a bit perhaps.
  4. From.what I've been told I need the earlier style but I'm curious anyway lol. Send me a pm
  5. I think with social distancing many people are picking up hobbies and interests they would not have had time for before and are seeking something to keep them sane. Craft and sewing shops have seen a huge serge in sales. Heck there was even a 8 week wait on lawnmower services in 5 of my local lawnmower repair centres when the corona virus peaked.
  6. Thanks Ryan. At this stage just wanting to get the bay done and looking factory fresh as best I can and then actually enjoy driving the car for some time. There are many other parts of the car that need work but I don't want this sitting in the shed for years and years I want to actually drive it lol. Can't do body work so it's a slow process being able to afford paying for it unfortunately but I want it done properly so best I get a pro on it. Battery tray is fixable but under is toast. Have yet to find any RHD replacement at all. Kfvintage seem to be producing slightly better quality panels so will probably end up going that way for most parts that I can, unfortunately they don't do gaurd repair sections yet so may put that on the back burner who knows. Engine should be done by Christmas so yeah time is running out lol
  7. Was just looking at their site today as I need outer sills and new floor pans, probably chassis rails too. Are the floor pans the same across the 240-260z range or are their some differences?
  8. well dropped the engine off today for a basic rebuild so need to get some panel work happening quick smart. Where is the best place to buy front gaurd rust repair sections from? And will be looking to re zinc some of the metal hardware under bonnet. What's the name of the factory finish for that, and anyone have any recommendations?
  9. Maybe sold already? I can't get into the add for the details
  10. Thanks. So looking for a 260z specific then really. Narrows it down a bit lol
  11. Thankyou for that. So 240z doors fit then ? Helps when looking for parts, still so much to learn about these cars.
  12. Just removed the auto from my 260z as will be going manual. Worked and shifted fine last time i drove it. Pickup hornsby area. Make an offer.
  13. And the engine and slush box are out. Now to clean up and remove as much from the engine bay as possible and get a refresh on the engine.
  14. Standard rust along the bottom but also some bad rust throughout the area where the door hinges are. Repairable but if i can start with a better frame then thats my prefered route.
  15. Looking for a good condition drivers door for my 260z 2 seater. March 1976 model. Preferably sydney area unless your willing to ship. Thanks.
  16. Ok that's a great starting point thanks
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