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Well after a few more additions this is the Christmas 2020 COVID version.LOL.  New engine is going great after final dyno tune. Wiper upgrade done with new wipers as well. New koni yellow adj shocks a

Well jumped in the deep end today. Unable to do much work on cars now so upgrading to a modern Z.

Well the old bus has a new heart. A mild L28 built by JWM and tuned by BTT.  Goes like its stolen but very tight atm. Only 200k on it so far. Doing my best to run it in properly.

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Ok getting near the end for now. All parts have been replaced with new or recon where possible. Motor has top to bottom rebuild and gear box has been gone over. All new interior with leather inserts on seats and plastic parts covered in matching vinyl. Waiting for roof liner to be done than it will be full steam ahead. Hope to get the motor in over christmas break. Merry Christmas to all.





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  I have spent the last few days putting all the bits back on the motor. New water hoses and fittings, new vacuum hoses and just look at those 2'' su carbies. I just hope they work ok. Just banged my finger so I am quiting today and trying to type with band aids on my pinkie. Just one thing If anyone can help the hose on the left of the carbon canister doesn't seem to have a home. It is not listed in the manual and was like that when I got the car. Anyway have a look at the pics and let me know if you can help.

Happy New Year.





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No it's just usually plugged. The plugs perish which is probably why it has the hose so it can be plugged. I'd post a pic of mine but having dramas getting the pic off my phone.


Here's the pic. Don't think I changed it to this. It says carb on the canister?


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