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Early Expression of Interest - Diamond Vinyl Trim Set for 240z


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Lol I'll have to add the 2+2 to my signature it was really rough and got totalled by a WRX. I regret not taking more parts off it before sending it to scrap. Hindsight and all that. Not a good panel left on it though!


Find memories of that car, got me into quite a bit of trouble.

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I was just curious why Gav didn't acknowledge he'd owned one in his signature


Mostly because I don't have it's chassis number handy to quote like I do the other cars. I saved it's ID tag when I scrapped it, it's at my folks place in Melbourne. Next time I'm down I'll record it and take a photo of it's tag. I miss the car and all he memories that go with it. Like my first 240z.


I have video of it (the 260z) and my first 240z that I need to upload (but first edit to cut down all the fluff) before uploading to Youtube. I think it would be good to include on my 72 240z build thread, since I already talked about those cars on that thread.

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rolling on the floor laughing my f**king ass off


It's true though, stop trashing 2+2s you snobs!

That's why I am an old Z fart. Can't figure all this modern talk shit out. :]

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42 minutes ago, Boosted240z said:

Just a long shot of a question. Is this upholstery in vinyl diamond pattern still available? Butterscotch? 

Yes, looks like you're in Miami so you should have options re: US suppliers. Motorsport Auto for example will likely have a kit you can buy.


Tan kit.


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On 11/28/2013 at 6:34 AM, gav240z said:

Hi Guys,

I'm looking to get the Diamond Vinyl interior replicated for the 240z. I'm wondering how many members would be interested in a kit - pending the outcome and quality of the items and of course price (which I don't have a fixed price on yet)?


I am hoping to do it at a better price than existing available kits. It also looks like we will be able to do a range of colours - not just black, although I imagine black will be the most popular choice.


The kit would include, the transmission tunnel, the area in front of the stowage bins, the rear strut towers.


Here are some examples of what these looks like in different colours. (nothing has been made yet though!)










I'm looking to start with 10 kits to make it viable. I am hoping to have a sample sent to me for quality purposes and if all good, give the go-ahead for the group of kits to get made up.


I can't guarantee a colour match (anything other than black obviously) for those wanting to match to OEM door cards or seats - which are more than likely faded over the years, also I don't have samples for the other colour interiors. However if someone is able to send me some samples of these colours I might be able to work something out on that front?


If all goes well with this I'm looking to do other items also. So in theory could be able to do matching vinyl, door cards, seat covers etc..


Let me know if you have any additional feedback, concerns or questions? I am aiming for as OEM look as possible, but if there is enough demand for something else I'm open to that also.






How much for 240z Black color and material?  

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Hi Hamood,

Not sure on your location but I didn't go ahead with this due to the fact plenty of suppliers have this product and quality is high.

If you're in Australia I can point you to a supplier.

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