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  1. Thank you for the kind words! To be honest, I think that was one of the easier projects to do (repairing the dash) and honestly I reckon anyone can do it. Just need about 80 bucks and a lot if elbow grease! if you're interested I can share the details or perhaps I can post a short how to (just scared i'll get flamed by others lol) I have always been around cars growing up. Well the car as it is should be ready for an inspection soon, might book it in next week once I repair the tacho. Just so I can drive it for now. Next will be security, so an alarm system and central locking. Might redo the all the key locks to make it 1 key rather than 3 different keys. Lol But will keep you guy's updated!
  2. Lol! Probably "I would like to give everything a go" be a better choice of words.. But thanks!
  3. Hi All, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Tim. I am no professional mechanic or anything of the like, only just like to get my hands dirty and dabble in some home DIY projects I bought my Datsun 260z 2+2 September last year and have been slowly working at getting her back on the road. By looking at the papers it came with, the last time it was registered was in 2010 in VIC. The car was rust proofed and resprayed by the previous owner back in early 2017 and only done a few bits of restoration since. Day of purchase Since I've owned it I have down the following: - Replaced the radiator as the original one was punctured and also added dual electronic fans as it was missing the clutch fan. (Radiator and fans came together) - There was weird sound coming from the front left passenger side when wheel was turning, so I replaced the front wheel bearings all together with so. (Yes thats me in the best PPE :P) - At the same time, ive replaced the studs with 50mm studs to give extra thread for aftermarket wheels. - Got Round Top twin SU carby - It was leaking from the rear main seal, so I took the engine out of the car and replaced the rear main seal. Although I dont have photos, but I purchased a VRS gasket kit so all gaskets have been replaced. - Welsh plugs are replaced with brand new brass welsh plugs - - Saw a bit of blue on the block so i assumed it was the factory colour so i cleaned the block and resprayed it. - Since it was out, I took the opportunity to machine the flywheel - Replaced the clutch with Clutch Industries Heavy Duty Clutch - Took the header off and cleaned the block (sorry don't have photos but you will see it in person) - VRS gasket kit. So all gaskets replaced. Once the engine was done, I turned my attention towards the interior. - The dashboard was severely tired. So I took it out and and spent a few days repairing it. Center console, seats and old mats taken out. The floor pan had the original sound deadening as well the sound deadening and rust proofing done by previous owner. I also removed that because I wanted to redo it all again. (Sound deadening took me a while to remove :P) - Sprayed Heavy duty rust proof oil (which is an orange to red in colour), left it overnight. Cleaned it up and sprayed a black rust proof enamel. - Rolled out new sound deadening with great coverage. Drivers side, passenger side and transmission tunnel. - New heat insulation. I used it to cut out the template for the carpet as well which saved me a great deal of time. Used the same template to cut out the new carpet. (Its one piece) Removed the old sagging head liner (dont know what happened here), pillars and lining going across the front. Have replaced the head liner with new sound deadening (sorry forgot to take a photo) and new leather vinyl. So now im putting everything else back together. Ive replaced many of the other bits bobs along the way like speedo cable, thermostat housing (and thermostat), all plugs filters, brake fluids etc have all been replaced drained and refilled. Car runs great! Just need to work out my electronics. Not sure where I am going wrong with my tacho as its hovers over 500rpm when started but it doesnt rev all seem like it is not getting a signal or reading a current from the coil at all. Not sure if if 75 260z 2+2 read the same as a 240z (current) or like the later models do signal (just encountered it yesterday) but will continue my research. But that is me and my z for now, Sorry for long post and but thanks for viewing and reading. Hopefully I can meet some of you in the near future! Have a great day! Cheers! Tim
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