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  1. Hey guys, after Datsun 260z front bumper brackets, or a point in the direction where to buy them, cheers
  2. Hey man, sorry for the late reply haven’t logged in for a bit, just spent a full day on the 260 and it’s running driving and looking like a car again, still a long way to go tho, trying to chase up a wiring harness, mines had a few different owners and all have had a go at re wiring. Got a push button start atm with no way to shut off the engine and no headlights indicators or break lights
  3. https://www.youtube.com/user/MysticalDonkey no Z vids yet but have been filming every second since picking up the car, gonna get a few more videos together so we’re always ahead, subscribe to see a pretty complete Z build, also if you like old Ae86s S13s 180s and guys with more dreams than skills!!
  4. Hey guys, fixing up at Datsun 260z 2+2 would be great to have some Adelaide Z mates!!
  5. Hey dude, If you’re near Modbury I highly recomend auto masters at Modbury triangle, haven’t taken the Datsun there yet but will when it’s on the road, they fixed up my dads Charger and I always take my 180 there, really nice guys and they know their stuff.
  6. Hey guys, thought I’d throw up some pictures and the story of how I came to start building this 260. This car belonged to my Uncle, he bought it In 2007, after having it for a few years he decided to sell it, he drove to hospital with a for sale sign in the window and somebody at the hospital decided they wanted it. My uncle woke up from an operation with no keys and some money, all sweet. A few months later my uncle gets a call from an impound yard, “ if you don’t come Collect your car, it will be crushed” my uncle calls the guy who bought the car let’s him know he h
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