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  1. Hi guys The points are done on my 75 260z so I’m looking to make the upgrade to electronic ignition. Ive read the 280zx item is as good as an if you can find one? Or I’ll consider anything someone has around? perhaps you’re upgrading or never got around to using it! :) Cheers.
  2. Hi all. thinking ahead to doing a 5 speed conversion on my 260z soon, my console is pretty stuffed. I know you can repair them (per sticky thread) but was wondering if anyone’s done a neat console delete? I’ve seen them look really nice in other vintage restos with just carpet and like an ally shifter hole plate and nice boot... cheers for your thoughts and ideas!
  3. Hi all, My 75 260z has been repainted in its life time (original pale green) and I’d like to tidy up a few recent rust repair sections, without being in the market for a full respray just yet! Does anyone recognise this blue as a traditional Datsun / zed colour? Attached also is a very similar colour I found online... Ive also read you can take the car to paint shops with a spectrometer to get the code if anyone has a contact in SA... Cheers! Alex
  4. Congrats Jeff! Have caught up on your build now and looks great mate. thsnks for the parts today :) Alex
  5. Haha thanks mate. Don’t get me wrong, she probably still *shouldn’t* be driving on the road, but bumbling along for a few blocks was a good reward for effort :)
  6. Update! :) After the weekend she runs and drives! I changed out the fluids, new battery, coil, plugs, cleaned the fuel pump, replaced fuel filter and a couple of split hoses... and away she went. Runs smooth and quiet too. The rear drums were seized but came loose with some banging, and a brake bleed. Heres the ol girl down at the servo and the shops... still pretty covered in barn dust, a bit of rust, sticks and leaves.
  7. Manual Pedal box or an appropriate auto brake pedal with bolts / springs would be good if anyone has a line on one? 260z 260c 280c? Cheers
  8. Hi Leon Its running auto at the moment, I’m just looking for either a manual pedal box to swap over OR a suitable brake pedal to slide onto the existing? I have placed a wanted ad for ‘parts for 5 speed conversion’ so anything or a whole kit I’m keen on! Haven’t bought any part yet. Cheers Alex
  9. Hi guys just rehashing this topic as I’m keen to do a swap on my 75 2+2... does anyone have an auto or manual 260 pedal box? Finding it hard to track down. Ive tracked down an mq patrol box (right side) and am trying to match it up to the great pictures in the big gbox swap tutorial found on this site. Can’t tell if it might fit or not!? Relatively novice mechanic so any help appreciated! :) Cheers Alex
  10. Amazing. Nice work mate... I got mine going this weekend after someone parked it up 3 or 4 years ago. Feels great! Alex
  11. Thanks Cracker, I’ll keep an eye out :)
  12. Hi guys This is something I have in mind for the future and keen to start sourcing good parts now. Gbox, pedals etc. car is a 2+2 with auto L28 currently. Any help appreciated! Alex
  13. Hey mate, me too. happy to share Adelaide based info and parts needs with you. Where are u up to with the car? mines recently been rescued from a dusty shed, some rust here and there, but as of today she runs again and drives / stops Alex
  14. Hey, do you happen to know which part is the 260z / Kia shortage equivalent on that site? :) thanks
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