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  1. I have a tail light cover but it would be almost impossible to post im in sydney
  2. i think it all bolted to the block been a long time i took it off 30 years ago lol If the bits can help you prob $30 and you can have them
  3. The long peice had the condenser motor unit i think bolted to it off side of the motor
  4. Dont know if any of these bits will come in handy for you I had aircon on my car this was the bracket and pully that the belt used ill pulled it of my motor
  5. if you find it ill buy it if its for sale
  6. Yep they will bolt up to round top su 1 3/4 inch diameter
  7. Yep was les car its a very nice car I went to club meetings spoke with him many times then next month I went I herd he passed away very sad
  8. I got a pair there about 70mm long 1/3 quarter diameter with uni filter socks would these be of interest
  9. what size you after in length I have a pair there not short ones but bit longer with uni filters
  10. I have one on my car 22K if you wont it lol comes with car
  11. Ok I might know of one coming up 240 automatic the guy ha owned it over 30 years in very good original condition he thinking around 40K Ill let you know when he puts it up for sale
  12. Looks like a stanza or 200B steering wheel Any way its a shame as it spoils the car would be first thing a change on it
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