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  1. Mate, 3 on the go, but none complete... Would love to do the big LCR stroker, but can't reach that far...
  2. Not sure if I'll be going Thursday or Friday, but will aim to meet you by Wangaratta if I can get away Thursday
  3. Hatch is fibreglass, but still opens... just can't see the gap in the spoiler on that angle Some action shots - pre engine letting go...
  4. Pulled these off my 2l roadster because they were leaky and fitted a pair of 46m hitachi Su's I had Cleaned them up fitted new seals hoses etc, have 80mm trumpets fitted and some linkages $575
  5. I can show you one Saturday in Moorabbin and you can measure or take it as a sample - removed from a car in the 70's still not in bad condition...
  6. Good little Shannons Vid on the Roadsters, made at our workshop, with the race roadster and a few other things lurking in the background https://shannonsinsurance.cmail20.com/t/y-l-kikyck-tdyuyuhdir-n/
  7. I know where there is another one - pretty rusty, being pulled apart currently and will be parted out after - i think the drivers side rear was rusty under the window, but the filler area appeared good
  8. In sad condition, but has factory electronic ignition and original 'Nissan' rocker cover, rather than Datsun on the SP311's and other R engines
  9. Shouldn't mention the $70Bn Future Fund then i guess, grown to $120Bn ... altho personally I reckon Keating was way cooler and he got China Back on topic (sort of) the great thing about classic cars is that they are CGT free (like the family home) means they are a good wealth store and no tax on the gain, and once they are on historic plates there is no duty to buy them. So even though they make zero annual return they are not bad as an investment overall - and you even get to drive them
  10. fwiw - Although Sydney is 'falling' the last announcement was a .1% fall and the total is less than 2%... Melbourne is still up 7%+ last 12 months but as it is now within about 10% of Sydney it will flatten too, but we still have 100,000 people moving here (Melb) every year, so don't bet on a big reduction. Brisbane is about 30% behind, so it will grow materially in the next 2-3 years as people move there for the cheaper living - that's my bet - and my brother just bought a house there and he has always been lucky with his timing! I read a recent study on the ultra wealthy, and rather than talent or intelligence, most got there due to good luck! so don't overthink it Disclaimer - I cannot predict the future - so good luck if you follow this advice!
  11. OS Giken best lap was 2 sec's quicker, but you would expect it to be more given its stance - lot depends on tyres and driver... and whether the 'BRE' car runs a big engine too
  12. Yep, me either, and i may not do all the pinstriping. but following that basic colour scheme I would be interested if anyone knows why there is a blue lion??
  13. I think you will find there are more restrictions on what you can drive on the road, than on the track, unless you are aiming for a specific category, but time attack does have specific rules My car was built to the old Marque Sports Rules, similar to Prod Sports, so no rear wing
  14. Ps, thinking about doing the No 23 paint scheme on my car, or similar
  15. Still waiting a paint, but these panels are available for about a third of the RB ones i suspect, by the time you land them in OZ ...
  16. I know the guy and had a quick look a while back - its more of a good project, as it needs a re-spray at least, but didn't look like it had bad rust ... but it does have some rust and you won't know how much until you start cleaning it up for the respray. it also needed some putting back together, which may be done now. on the plus side, mechanicals seem good and there are some extra bits and pieces
  17. They were special order ex the UK, and they got a few extras and haven't shifted them, not sure manufacturer, i think Pilkingtons, probably the same source as the 'Motorsports' ones. I have an ex factory one in my race car, always worked well, but am replacing it as its a bit pitted
  18. Just to clarify, these are front windscreens with an almost invisible very fine inbuilt demister, so you don't need a heater/blower etc - mainly useful for racing/rallying Still trying to get there for a photo and more details
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