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Sleeves/collars for R200 crown wheel bolts

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Was reading the following thread http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/88099-obx-differential-inspection-and-installation/ on Hybidz about upgrading the cheap Chinese OBX LSD which is a knock off of the expensive Quaif diff and found this which may be useful....


If you're doing an R200 upgrade but your centre has the 10mm bolts and the crown wheel has the 12mm holes you can buy http://www.mcmaster.com/#6679k14/=8hfy3s  these sleeves rather that get some made up and they are even the right length as well!


Sorry if its been posted before.

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On my stock 260z r200 diff m10 bolts. I transplanted r200clsd centre from hr31 m12bolt. Got aluminium pipe from bunnings 10mm inner ID and 12mm outside OD. Cost about $3. Cut the pipe to tiny little sleeves using a cheapy pipe cutter from bunnings. Placed the sleeve over the m10 bolts ,tap it with a hammer into the LSD centre m12 holes and walahh . m12 hole is m10 and centred. Bolt your stock ring gear to the new LSD centre. Stuff it back into your carrier casing.


Believe it or not I picked up the LSD for $250 early this year. Boy o boy. What a steal.


Anybody keen on a hr31 4.3 crown n pinion? Gears are in Good knick.

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I'm about to attempt an S15 Helical/Torsen LSD centre into my longnose... and like the GTR, I can confirm the helical S15's have 13mm bolts.  I've bought two of these in the hope I can cut it up to make 13mm OD x 10mm ID sleeves.



The ebay link probably wont work in years to come if someone's reading this for reference, so here's some info off the page in case it helps source them again:



Product Name Hole-passing connecting tube

Model GT-G-50

Cross-Sectional Area 50mm2

Inner Diameter 10mm / 0.39"

Outer Diameter 13mm / 0.52"

Total Size(Approx) 72 x 13mm / 2.8" x 0.52" (L*D  Max)

Color Copper Tone

Material Copper

Weight 34g

Package Content 1 x Hole Passing Connecting Tube


Features: 50mm2 cross-sectional area, 10mm inner diameter, copper material.

GT-G series are applicable to connect the circular wire and hemicycle wire in distribution equipment or power supply cables."


I've also noted that there's 12mm x 10mm sleeves in various lengths (advertised as self lubricating sleeve bearings) on ebay, pretty sure I just searched for "sleeve 12 10" or similar on ebay au.

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