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"Classic Auto Fabrications"


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Classic Auto Fabrications




ABN/ACN: 78353117855


Address: Warragul


State: Victoria


Contact Person: Locky


Contact Phone Number: Zero Four Zero Zero Zero Five Four Five Seven Two


Contact Email Address: ljfowler (at) dcsi.net.au


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Classic-Auto-Fabrications/588753937823811


Business Description:


Hi all,

I've been into Datto's (primarily Zeds) for the last 10 years with running them as road cars & doing competition with my old 2+2 (That Maroon Bus).

I have also been involved in motor sport since the age of 12, so I am more than able to help with car preparation for competition use.


There are threads dotted around this site of some of the things I've done such has panel forming, rust repairs, brake upgrades & engine/gearbox/drive line work etc.

I have a large, fully equipped workshop, that includes Pan Brake and Guillotine, Panel Rollers, Vehicle Rotisserie, Shrinker/Stretcher, a large English wheel, MIG and TIG welders as well as all the ubiquitous hammers, dollies & sandbags.

Here are a few of the things I've done:






Lead Loading:







Rebuilt 240Z inner guard / battery tray area:



Etc, Etc...


My flat rate is $77.00hr (incl. GST)

All work guaranteed.

My workshop is located near Warragul, Victoria.


Feel free to give me a call on:

Oh four zero zero zero five four five seven two.

FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=537415944&ref=profile#!/pages/Classic-Auto-Fabrications/257186347655080




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From my first hand experience Lurch does both and Great job of the work and keeping you informed of what going on. His prices are way to cheap for the level of happiness that is achieved from the end result.

I will be booking in for more work as soon the bank {The minster of finace} allows


A very happy customer


Spa Master 

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what an awesome opportunity to get some of that needed Zed bodywork done with quality workmanship guaranteed! I've also had firsthand experience of lurch's plethora of Zed knowledge that translates to great manual conversions and many other tips & tricks.Don't let your Zed sit in the garage wishing you could get the time to do your repairs and mods take Lurch up on his limited time offer...if there was a 1300 number, I'd plug that too.  Seriously I can personally vouch for the great work that Lurch does. ;D


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The work that has been done to my car by Lurch is amazing... I get lots of compliments about the car and how well the work has been done.... Definitely worth hiring at that rate!!! If only I lived in Victoria :(

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  • 2 weeks later...

This bad boy turned up last week - 200amp, AC/DC, 60%dc...

I also knocked up the trolley to suit out of some scrap steel packing crates! (who says I'm not environmentally conscience) :P


So if anyone needs some Alum. welding done, just shoot me a PM/Email/call ;)


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hey lurch if you're ever struggling to find something to do we both know there's stuff to be done on my car!


its just a matter of somehow getting it down to you - you wouldn't happen to have a car trailer would ya? the only one i have access to is massive and weighs 800kgs and when the weight of the car is added ontop means i can't use any car at my house to tow it :(

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Hey Lurch,


Know i was talking about bringing my car down to you weeks ago. Lots has been happening.

But i finally got a bit of cash together and could come down this Saturday and drop my Zed off if you are still keen to do some rust repairs and maybe other stuff for me. Im in no rush. Let me know if your keen.


Thnks Joel

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  • 3 weeks later...

Was a busy ol' afternoon today - apart from working on Joel's 2+2, I had the SPAmaster pop in for a yack, a dizzy change & a quick retune.

SOOOO I though I'd get the Zeds together for a pic or two...


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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 months later...

Hi Everyone,

I'm actually still doing this, but Joel's (MR260) 2+2 has taken longer than I thought...

So my appoliges to everyone who's Zeds I said I'd take a look at, but have had to postpone - it couldn't be helped! :(

If anyone is still interested in having work done in the new year, PLEASE 'PM' me here or email me:

LJfowler (at) dcsi.net.au (please note new address).



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So is this the start of a work register for 2010 ?


If so just confirming job # 2010-002 (After Joels Z being 2010-001)


(X1) Engine re-build


Yes I better book your engine in.


I also have some work to do on this 'early girl' in the NY:



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Nice ride....................


Cant see much wrong with it...........


You didnt buy one while we were all asleep did you?


I had those same rims on my Zed when I first purchased it, hurricanes if Im correct?


Anyway, will hopefully be dropping off the donk in mid december for you and as discussed you have 6 months or so on it.





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"The next available number is # 2010-004"


"Once you collect your number please be seated and wait for it to be called"


"Your business is important to us and Dr lurch will be with you as soon as posible"


"You have been put in a priority cue, current estimated waiting time is 3 months, 8 days, 4 hours, 12 minutes and 22 seconds"


Thank you.

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