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Fusible Link Upgrade


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Hi Guys,

Hoping someone smarter than me can help - I'm a little confused about the wiring for my fusible link situation and what I can do to replace it with something that should pass a blueslip check. I haven't had much luck with wiring diagrams, I have a 1975 260z and can't find any diagrams that match what I have (no shunt, volt gauge, 3 fusible links). Before I go tearing up my wiring harness I figured I'd check here. I did find this thread https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/15679-correct-amp-rating-for-1976-260z-fusible-links/ that explains the fuse ratings, which I used to figure that using MIDI fuses seems the most viable for me because they cover the same amp rating and I can easily find 3-position fuse holders online.

So, I'm trying to work out if I can use this (which can be had for about $50):


and if so what the wiring would look like. In my attached photo would wires 1, 2 & 3 just connect to the 3 ins, and the 4th wire connect to the opposite side with the single input? Or does the single input need a heavier gauge wire from the positive battery or starter or something else?

Has anyone run something similar / better? Thanks in advance, really appreciate the help!




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G'day Ben, I am wondering if someone has had already had a go at your fusible links and changed them because what you have there doesn't make any sense to me. ie. how can you have 4 input wires and 3 fusible links?

I have a 1975 260z 2+2 and I have attached pics of the wiring and my conversion to plug in fusible links. My car has the shunt and had an amp gauge, but I converted to volt meter as the amp gauge was broken. As you can see the 4 input wires on mine are battery (80A) and ignition (40A), so I am assuming your 4 input wires are the same.

I hope this helps,




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I just got rid of the fuseable link mess and reg etc from my car, also fitted a subaru 85A Alt, I left the shunt in place and rewired it to have the alternator charge though it so the gauge in the dash will "work", was going to ditch the shunt, but I opened it up out of curiosity and liked the look of the design, looks beefy and protected only issue will be the plug and terminals handling the current, will see how it goes/if it melts !

Added a starter relay also.


main fuses.jpg

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