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'71 240Z Project - SOLD!

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'71 240Z Project

1 Owner from new. HS30-00875
Rust free - still wearing original paint.
Everything else appears to be there (suspension, brakes, interior, wireing loom etc etc.
Missing Engine and Gearbox (a member of the NDSOC bought the original engine many years ago - I think I remember his name).

Other things to note:
There are modifications to the gearbox tunnel to clear exhausts. 
New transmission mounts have been welded into place.
Tops of rear quarters have been beaten in to fit a GTO Bodykit
Top of Radiator support has been cut out.
Rear half of drip rails have been removed.
Areas above the rear bumper mounts have been panel beated in.

The story with this Z is:
My old mate Ian (Rollo) bought this new in '71 from the Local Warragul Nissan Dealer at the time.
Sadly Rollo passed away in December 2018 - hence the Z going up for sale.
Rollo was building it into a Ferrari GTO Repilca with a Surpercharged Lexus V8, hence the interesting body modifications...

This is a good opportunity for someone to build a non-standard Z to their own tastes, or if you are keen - restore it to original.


















Price: SOLD
Inspection by appointment only. Vehicle is located in Warragul, Victoria.

Rotisserie is not included but can be bought separately. 
The Lexus V8 with the Z32 gearbox mated to it, with the Opcon Supercharger & intercoolers are available separately. 
And the GTO body Kit is available separately as well.



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Any idea what the original engine no. was?

I'm guessing it was also originally a manual car.

#868 had L24-039187

#879 had L24-039427

So I'm guessing engine no. for #875 will be around that.

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