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Wheel studs


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Hi guys, just after a little advice. I run the stock wheel studs, however since purchasing some Wats and requiring a 4mm spacer to clear the willwoods, I feel I need to get some longer studs to compensate for the spacers. The nuts are only grabbing the end of the studs. From my understanding the stock length is 32mm, does anyone know of say a 37ishmm stud length? Any help and or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I looked through the NICE.com catalogue, but am a tad confused- not hard to do.


Basically, I want the stock front and back studs however 4mm longer if that makes sense.



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Press in.

Need to make sure the knurl diam is same as regular.

There is a 44 mm long? stud avail, from Nissan, this was for the 4wd Patrols.

Yes standard ones are a bit short. Watch your lagalities/insurance with slip on spacers. Where possible, mechanically ( counter bored machine screw) affix the spacer to either your hub, or, to backside of rim.

That way it does not become a flying saucer if wheel comes off.

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Thanks heaps Dat2kman. Yeah true re the fixing of the spacer - i think onto the hub would be the best as its only a 4mm one and isnt hugely differing the stock stance.  Ideally I wouldn't even run them but its slightly rubbing onto the raised willwood lettering. Do you think 44mm would be too long? I have some genuine watanabe nuts which seem quite shallow. Ive found the Dorman brand from the states which look good and can be bought in a 39mm length which would be perfect. 

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Also, can you please confirm these are the correct "STOCK" dimensions:


Knurl diam         - 13.00mm

Shoulder length - 10.00mm

Thread               - M12-1.25

Length (front)     - 32mm

            (rear)      - 37mm.


Im thinking of leaving the rears as Ive done the disc conversion and already have the extra 4mm to compensate for the spacer. Or is it best to have a universal set?

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Sounds familuar!

Easier to grab two x four-packs of NICE froma Bursons/Repco!

Check the Nice pdf catledog though.

If the nuts are Acorn capped type, you'll need to make sure that not only the 37mm have enough threads engaged, ( recommended is 9 x rotations of the nut, before snugging up) but, at 44mm the stud may bottom out in the closed nut.


Re fixing spacers, if a neat slip fit over the four studs, you can get away with just one only countersunk machine screw M5 or M6 drilled/tapped into the hub.

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I've just ordered from Nice as I need studs 8mm longer front and rear to get sufficient thread engagement.


Standard studs are:

Knurl diam         - 12.8 mm

Thread               - M12-1.25

Length (front)     - 32mm and shoulder 10mm

            (rear)      - 39mm and shoulder 14mm


It hard to find exactly what I need in M12-1.25 so as I'm changing both front and rear you get more options if you go to the more common M12-1.5 




I needed nuts so I've ordered studs and nuts but you can order studs separately.


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On ‎7‎/‎6‎/‎2017 at 5:15 PM, KatoKid said:

Perfect, just need to press them in.



I am going NS 370 all round should do the trick. Just have to get new lug nuts to suit thread. Regreased bearings as I am going.

12x1.50  /  12.9mmK / 43.8mm L/ 13.2mm S.



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