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  1. Howdy Folks, deposit taken. Cant figure out how to modify the original post but once I do I'll update it. Cheers, Doug
  2. Official Colour: Metallic Beige (gotta love 1970’s cool). Car is still in original colour appears to have been resprayed but very well, though roof and left hand size showing there age. Paint not concourse but certainly acceptable. Complete, original entire car. Chassis No: RS30-015208, matching engine no. Odometer is showing approx. 70,000 kms. Original Nissan 50th Anniversary gold anodized rims, original dealer installed air con. Car in very good original condition with original interior, steering wheel and seats. I believe I am only the 4th owner. Original books and sales receipts from 1977 all included. Bought as restoration project but just don’t have the time to devote to it with a family of two young boys I just seem to get busier and busier every year. So I would be happy to see it go to a good home with some one that has got the time and motivation to finish it. With the right care and attention this has the potential to be a very, very valuable vehicle. Body very clean and very straight, all floors very, very good with no rust, fire wall and battery area perfect no rust. Bonnet, guards, door hardware have all been dissembled to enable full inspection, entire car has only minor rust in bottom right hand guard and support section underneath (size of 50c piece), small section in RHS chassis rail (again size of 50c piece) and radiator support panel and all easily repaired by someone with better welding skills than me. Dash removed but all gauges worked (even the clock!) Engine and box have been removed and on inspection stand. Have spent last four years accumulating hundreds of goodies for it. Comes with original motor L26 motor. Also comes with a genuine 100,000km L28 fuel injected motor from 1983 280ZX in immaculate condition. Sump currently removed for inspection. Comes with 1983 E88 fuel injected head (these are now extremely rare) from a fuel injected Nissan Skyline with the kidney shaped combustion chambers with the aim to build a red hot period correct 2.8 to 3.0 litre motor. Absolutely immaculate 280ZX box (FS5W71B) with 3.3 ratio first gear and the very durable brass synchros. Gear change is like a rifle bolt and shift feels very, very nice and very tight. Have also got Kameari super close ratio gear set worth $1k but not yet fitted with ratios of 1st - 2.62 2nd – 1.814 3rd – 1.36, 4th direct at 1:1 and 5th is 0.838. Car has original diff (I think it’s 3.7) and have got 4.1 ratio to fit to suit the taller first gear. Hundreds and hundreds of photos available List of new goodies (which are all boxed, labelled and catalogued) include: · Rota 16x7 rims in silver with offset to suit · Big brake conversion kit with vented, slotted 305 mm disc front with 4 spot Willwood callipers, and solid disc rear with twin spot rear calipers with stock handbrake connection · New big brake master cylinder 1” to suit brake kit · New front right hand guard from USA · Spare rear hatch from USA with NO RUST · Full new panel bolt set from USA · New engine mounts · New Choke cable · New centre Console, though original available with small crack on choke lever attachment point · New front spoiler/air dam from Japan · New bumper rubbers · New chrome front bumper · Electronic distributor · Complete new rubber set for ALL rubbers, doors, hood, hatch, front and rear windows from Black Dragon in US before they closed down. · All chrome on car in excellent conditions, except rear bumper near tailpipe affected by exhaust slightly and left hand chrome rear light bezel a little bit rough. · New Chrome door sill plates · New wooden gear knob · Original steering wheel · New Gear box shifter boot · New transmission mounts · New water pump and thermostat · New door locks · New Badges for bonnet and boot lid, original 260Z badges still on front guards and new badges for vents on rear quarters All parts are boxed and labelled. Asking price $20,000 reflective of the value of the car but also of the work to be done. If interested please DM me and I'll provide mobile no. A bit of work and fix the rust and the paint and would easily resell for $40k, especially with the bonus of original A/C which would make it an awesome driving machine. Cheers All, Doug
  3. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone knows of a good (and not too expensive) shop that can do metalwork and rust repairs for my 1977 260Z resto? Generally the body is very good but small amounts of rust in the usual places. The following needs attention: - Holes in lower back of rhs guard - Hole in chassis support where rhs guard bolts on the the lower rear - Hole in side of rhs chassi srail (approx 3 cm x 5 cm) - Radiator support panel (lower section that faces the lower radiator tank) has some small (5mm) rust holes, seems that the heat and cooling from the radiators makes these sweat and they all seem to fail - side panel rhs near where the bonnet release mechanism is attached (3 cm x 5 cm hole) - ideally I'd like to get the rear hatch panel done, its been done before but not very well - The floors all seem very good, as does the spare wheel well - The firewall, heater induction area, wiper cowls etc are all excellent, but need some abrasive blast cleaning to remove surface rust and repriming Cheer Guys, Doug Fletcher 0402 359 825
  4. Hi mate, sounds good can you post to Bondi, NSW?
  5. Anyone heard boo from Andrew lately?? No response to PM....
  6. If you want some Japanese carbs get yourself some oer/ sk carbs. You get then new for about $600 each from Japan. Stuart Wilkins and Peter MsDonald swear by them. Also there is a place in Melbourne that sells the 45 webers 152g which have a more progressive transition from idle to main circuit (apparently) that are $550 each.
  7. Awesome! Thanks Champ. In a couple of years time, when the body...and the engine....and the gearbox...and the diff ....are all done...ill know where to go to get one
  8. That's good to know. May I ask which Nissan dealer you bought them from?
  9. Mossy...that car look absolutely fantastic!! I'd love to see some more pics if you have them. I'm building up a 1977 260z in original metallic beige. Cheers, Doug
  10. Hi John, I'm trying to find something similar but in a 4.1 ratio. Do you know where I might be able to get one? Cheers, Doug
  11. Edit...that should read ratio.... iPhone autocorrect....
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