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  1. Hi mate, sounds good can you post to Bondi, NSW?
  2. Anyone heard boo from Andrew lately?? No response to PM....
  3. If you want some Japanese carbs get yourself some oer/ sk carbs. You get then new for about $600 each from Japan. Stuart Wilkins and Peter MsDonald swear by them. Also there is a place in Melbourne that sells the 45 webers 152g which have a more progressive transition from idle to main circuit (apparently) that are $550 each.
  4. Awesome! Thanks Champ. In a couple of years time, when the body...and the engine....and the gearbox...and the diff ....are all done...ill know where to go to get one
  5. That's good to know. May I ask which Nissan dealer you bought them from?
  6. Mossy...that car look absolutely fantastic!! I'd love to see some more pics if you have them. I'm building up a 1977 260z in original metallic beige. Cheers, Doug
  7. Hi John, I'm trying to find something similar but in a 4.1 ratio. Do you know where I might be able to get one? Cheers, Doug
  8. Edit...that should read ratio.... iPhone autocorrect....
  9. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone had a decent ring gear and pinion for a 1977 260z R200 diff in a 4.1 ration. There is a 4.3 available but that ration will be too short. If not maybe where to go to get one? Cheers, Doug
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