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  1. Price dropped again - any interest at $18k?
  2. Too expensive? Any interest at $21k?
  3. I'm looking to move my unfinished project on, with some sadness. I just don't have the time - I've done nothing on it for years due to family & business taking up all my time. It's been in primer since 2011, and nothing has bubbled up to the surface. That's (IMO) the best part of this car - the body is very solid. Check out the photos and history in the project threads below. Has an RB25DET with RB20DET gearbox, but wiring & fuel hasn't been set up, so not running. Engine was running when removed from donor. Heaps of parts, as seen in the photos. Urethane font spoiler, rubber seal kit, new indicators, vintage air A/C kit, new coil packs/timing belt/water pump for engine, additional trim bits and pieces, etc. See https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/6158-bennys-72-240z/ and https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/7820-ians-72-240z/ for additional history. See https://imgur.com/a/CHXPSDn for more photos. I've also got an engine crane, engine stand and hydraulic jack that the buyer can also have if they want. Looking for $18k Location: Adelaide
  4. Wow it's been a long time with nothing done to this Life goes in other directions I guess - kids, running a small business, etc. I'm probably looking to sell this so someone can enjoy it - what's it likely to be worth? Relatively rust-free (see https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/6158-bennys-72-240z/ for a bit more history), mostly complete, still in primer and not running?
  5. I know, not zed related, but if anyone in Adelaide drives (or knows someone who drives) a Holden Astra (98-2003, TE without ABS) I have a full set of brake rotors that I'm happy to give away to any member of this site. Here's a gumtree ad that has part numbers and photos (ignore the price - free for forum members!): https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/collinswood/brakes-suspension/full-set-of-brake-rotors-for-holden-ts-astra-rda7542-rda7544-/1162588426
  6. As the subject suggests, I've got an Innova 5586 timing light for sale. It's basically as-new with very little use. These are worth about $120 new, so I'm looking for $80 ONO. Pickup from Adelaide, or plus postage (it should fit in a 3kg express post satchel, so about $16).
  7. It's about time I started a build thread for this... A couple of months ago I bought Benny's 240z. I've been holding off on posting this thread until I'd actually done something to it so it felt more like 'my' project. I won't post any general pictures, since they're in Benny's thread. Anyway, so far I've put on a 1" brake master cylinder, and Hilux front brakes - see attached pic (although they're not bled yet). My immediate plans to get it on the road are (off the top of my head, probably missing a few): - get brake system operational (including hand brake) - move fuel tank to fit wheels properly (it's currently a too far to the left for what I want) - set up fuel system (still not decided on this one...) - fix up a few oil leaks and replace a few bushes - sort out some electrical/wiring issues - fit central locking - fit air con (going for a Vintage Air setup) - new wheels - fit front bumper (I've got a new chrome one, but I'm leaning towards a fibreglass one that I can paint) - paint (well, get painted, I think I'll pay to get this done properly) I'm not sure on fuel system - the car has round-top SUs that have been cleaned up and had a kit put through them (I believe), and I've got triple DHLA40s that I've stripped down and rebuilt, but I keep coming back to EFI for low maintenance, reliability, and fuel efficiency (to a very small degree, this really doesn't come into it. I've got the air con system pretty much planned out, I'll post some details in the next few days. In the future (when the car's on the road) I'd like to look at making up an in-dash computer with touch screen that could control the air con (looks do-able) and double as the stereo. This is a bit ambitious I think, and will be one of the last things I do. More updates to come. I want the car running by Christmas (painted and registered would be nice, but that's probably pushing it... I'm playing cricket on Saturdays and training twice a week, so time is limited).
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