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  1. Hi Marc. If the weather is even slightly reasonable I will be there. It would be good to see you again, it's been awhile. I'd be headed from the south east so the BP on Eastlink is always a popular meet point, but not much good for those that are not from down this way. Probably just meet you there?
  2. Wayne

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    A fantastic day (despite the crap weather) with great people. The standard of the cars just keeps getting better each year. Thanks Gordo and Sharon for making it possible.
  3. Wayne

    2018 VicZed BBQ

    Yippee! I was worried that it was going to be on the same weekend as Rockfest like last year 'cause I'd already booked in again for this year. All good, I'll be there. My favourite datto day of the year!
  4. Looks like you needed a silver one? Sorry I couldn't make it. Maybe next time.
  5. The weather looks to be okay. Might drag the Zed, kicking and screaming, out of it's nice warm garage and give it a bit of a boot up Eastlink for a short visit to the Caribbean. Hope to see some of you gentlemen there.
  6. Hi Marc and Greg. Yep, my Rota RB's are all 16x8" +4, coil overs all round and had to roll the inner lip on the guards.
  7. Feeling ashamed that I didn't make it to the BBQ 'cause it was (almost) snowing at my place. Looked like a great day was had by all that were brave enough. Would love to meet up for the trip in to "Classic".
  8. Dismal weather down my way (Frankston), it's been raining on and off all morning and now thunderstorms. Think the Zed will have to stay in the shed. Disappointed!
  9. Woo hoo! Getting towards that time of year again. Looking forward to seeing you all (and your Zeds).
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