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Convert a 2+2 to a 2 seater - discuss.

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I'm curious to see how the finished product looks.

Even though I think the 2+2 shape is fine, I've always been tempted to massage it a bit more aggressively to a slightly more aggressive rear rake..

As the cost of 2 seaters goes up, I suspect more will try this "hot rodder" method.

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10 years ago there was some discussion of streamlining the 2+2 roof line.  Don’t know if anyone else has, but I finally got around to making it work.  Have to finish the rest of the rust repairs befor

Side/quarter windows are unchanged, everything fits and works normally. The roof rails, inner c-pillar forward of the hatch hinge panel is unchanged.  On the rust/grey Z the quarter panels are sl

Thank, yes it’s a fair bit of work but if you’re hatch hinge panel and/or rear of the roof is rusted out anyway then it’s not much extra at all.  Just don’t forget to brace the opening and record lots

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Splitting hairs but I think that the thread title should read "convert a 2+2 to more resemble a 2 seater" if the back seat is not to be removed (!) Or is it?

Irrespective, am reading this thread with interest. Especially as I would have expected the quarter windows to be altered. I once read somewhere where someone suggested swapping the quarter windows over L to R and inverting them. Or maybe alter the frames to a longer version of the 2-seater windows and have fixed glass made.

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I resurrected this old thread because it’s where the idea originated.  The idea of inverting and swapping the rear windows is in an earlier post, but my intent isn’t so much to make it look like a 2 seater as to streamline it and reduce the sharp hunchback.  If I can get it certified with the reduced headroom then it will retain the rear seats.

I’ll try getting a profile picture, but until it’s finished the photos probably won’t do justice to what is in person a really nice shape.

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