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  1. Rotisserie made by a forum member. Held his 2+2 in the air and then a 2 seater I had. Worked well. $250
  2. Zedback

    260z 2+2 fuel tank

    Cheers mate, a little ways away for me st the moment but if I’m ever down that way...
  3. Zedback

    260z 2+2 fuel tank

    Hey Peter, yep but mostly for my son to have a go. Still got your rotisserie too, though hoping not to take it that far. You got any bits left over from your bus?
  4. After a 260z 2+2 fuel tank around south east Queensland
  5. Sold my last 240z project (the ‘71 rust bucket) a few years ago, it had worn me down. Before that had a silver 240z that I renovated from another rusty incomplete parts car that was later bought and spruced up properly by a forum member. Also had a yellow 280zx followed by a red 300zx twin turbo (brutal). Been Z free for a few years now, back into ‘50s British, but just picked up a “bottom of the barrel” 260z 2+2 for my 17yo son to see if I can get him enthused. No action yet, but he is basking in the glory of having the coolest car (wreck) in school! Focus will be on body work for a fair while I imagine, then trying to find all the missing parts - fuel tank, quarter windows, seats, interior plastics, who knows what else...
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