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  1. I resurrected this old thread because it’s where the idea originated. The idea of inverting and swapping the rear windows is in an earlier post, but my intent isn’t so much to make it look like a 2 seater as to streamline it and reduce the sharp hunchback. If I can get it certified with the reduced headroom then it will retain the rear seats. I’ll try getting a profile picture, but until it’s finished the photos probably won’t do justice to what is in person a really nice shape.
  2. Side/quarter windows are unchanged, everything fits and works normally. The roof rails, inner c-pillar forward of the hatch hinge panel is unchanged. On the rust/grey Z the quarter panels are slightly modified where they meet the roof - where they were rusted out anyway. On the white car the rear quarters were slit along their entire upper edge to allow the frame to drop, pulled in to fit and trimmed 10-15mm before welding back on.
  3. Thank, yes it’s a fair bit of work but if you’re hatch hinge panel and/or rear of the roof is rusted out anyway then it’s not much extra at all. Just don’t forget to brace the opening and record lots of measurements. You’re aiming to tilt the entire hatch opening by about 2 degrees and lower the rear of the roof by about 50mm. Virtually all the work is on the inner c-pillar to get the frame and hatch hinge panel to lower. The roof ends up about 50mm shorter too. I’ve done it two ways now: 1st without separating the rear quarters from the hatch frame (hard work) and a c-pill
  4. 10 years ago there was some discussion of streamlining the 2+2 roof line. Don’t know if anyone else has, but I finally got around to making it work. Have to finish the rest of the rust repairs before the certifier will sign it off.
  5. Wanting the section between the C-pillars that the 2+2 hatch hinges bolt into. Don’t need the roof. Anything with a lot less fiberglass and rust than what I have would be good! Happy to come and cut it out if you’re around Brisbane.
  6. Rotisserie made by a forum member. Held his 2+2 in the air and then a 2 seater I had. Worked well. $250
  7. Cheers mate, a little ways away for me st the moment but if I’m ever down that way...
  8. Hey Peter, yep but mostly for my son to have a go. Still got your rotisserie too, though hoping not to take it that far. You got any bits left over from your bus?
  9. After a 260z 2+2 fuel tank around south east Queensland
  10. Sold my last 240z project (the ‘71 rust bucket) a few years ago, it had worn me down. Before that had a silver 240z that I renovated from another rusty incomplete parts car that was later bought and spruced up properly by a forum member. Also had a yellow 280zx followed by a red 300zx twin turbo (brutal). Been Z free for a few years now, back into ‘50s British, but just picked up a “bottom of the barrel” 260z 2+2 for my 17yo son to see if I can get him enthused. No action yet, but he is basking in the glory of having the coolest car (wreck) in school! Focus will be on body wor
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