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First Startup after 15+ years

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Not sure if this is the right place to post happy for this to be moved.

I am about to get started on a fix up of the old girl, has't been run for over 15 years, so today I

 took off the rocker cover and was pleasantly surprised how clean it was there even was a small amount of oil on the cam shaft. 

Using a borescope in each cylinder I couldn't see any corrosion I could even see the hone marks from when it was rebuilt previously.

Anyway i poured some new oil over the cam, removed the spark plugs and gave each cylinder a small squirt of oil.  spun the engine over by hand, then on the starter with no plugs installed.

Re-installed the spark plugs, poured some fuel into each carb.  

Turned the key an she fired straight up.

before i put her in storage i drained the oil and put in fresh oil and new filter, drained the radiator and i think i put a little bit of oil in each cylinder.


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I revived my 71 auto after a long slumber. It's a good feeling seeing the motor spin over freely and happily after sitting silently for so long.

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