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  1. I'm selling my 240z (HS30-100053), due to a job change and ongoing renovations. I just don't have as much time to spend driving the car, and it seems like a waste to leave it sitting in my garage. I thought that I would list it here before listing on other sites. The car drives really well, sounds great, has been/is super reliable and looks really tidy. You can literally buy it and drive it home. Model: 240z 1972 Location: Sydney Price: $49,000 Item Condition: Good to Excellent Body: Straight, slight rust bubble on rear wheel arch on LHS Mechanical: Runs and drives perfectly, with no real issues. Registration: Historic registration till March 2020 Extra Info: I've owned the car for the last 3 years. Since that time it's been garaged and driven every second weekend. I replaced the brake lines, slave cylinder, temp sensor, exhaust, seats and wheels. I also installed a fan shroud and the car hasn't gone over 1/2 way on the gauge when driving in summer. The previous owner had the car for about 16 years and restored the car, he replaced major panels, bonnet, rear hatch, dash, carpets, head liner etc. All the gauges work (except for the clock). I have a spare set of 260z wheels, the original exhaust manifold Contact Details: PM me for more info.
  2. Thanks Gav, received. Really appreciated.
  3. Gav, how big would the package be? I’m in Vegas next week.
  4. Thanks guys. I will check the regulator. I drove the car for another 3 hours over bumpy windy roads and it ran with no issues.
  5. Hi Today after driving for about 30 minutes my 240z started missing. I noticed that the Amp guage was reading +45. After a minute I heard a click, the amps went back to the right side of the middle (like normal) and the car went back to running normally. Any ideas? Thx in advance.
  6. Thanks will definitely keep that in mind.
  7. I have a slight leak in at the exhaust gasket (cylinder 5) caused by my extractors being slightly warped. I have plans to get it fixed, but wondered if it's something that can wait a month or so or it's something that would be causing damage to the engine or head (valves etc)? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi All On the weekend my 240z decided to stop. It started to miss and felt like it was running out of petrol (it wasn't). I called the NRMA and after some investigation he swapped the Condenser with an old model that he had in the truck, cleaned up the points and got me going again. Is there anything special about the 240z condenser (72 Manual)? Can I just replace it with any old one? Also inside the distributor the cable that goes to the points is a little frayed. I've searched around, any ideas where I could get a replacement? thanks Jordan
  9. Jeff or Scott, do you know if the O-RIng and sender unit are the same for a 10/72? Also mine is reading 1/2 full when its full - did changing the sender change the accuracy of the gauge? Finally my connectors aren't in great shape, any idea where I would get new ones? Thanks in advance. Jordan PS Scott we met yesterday down at Wollongong.
  10. Mossy, that's my plan after thinking about it - maybe I should just give my wife headphones :-)
  11. Did you take it out because it didn't work that well, or didn't want a radio?
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