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  1. Yep, it's the FS5C71A. I'll probably be posting here when it comes time to rebuild, once I know what needs fixing.
  2. Something else the car does not have is the inner fender guards / splash covers. Are there any variance in these for the earlier S30s? These are the panels I'm referring to:
  3. Oh for sure, I wish it was an S20 but then I think the price tag would have been (significantly) higher. I have the 71A and will be rebuilding it, a very vital part of the project in my eyes. It's also my understanding that installing a later model 5-speed requires tunnel/shifter console work which I am totally opposed to. I haven't decided if I want to run the L20 or build out an 3+ liter out of an N42 long block. I already set aside a Spirit Garage header + exhaust which would be overkill on a 2 liter...but first I have to get through all the bodywork.
  4. Going through this process, I can totally see how things can get mixed up super easily. When I got the car, Mike provided an L20A but it's my understanding that's not the original motor?
  5. This is great, thanks Bleach. When you disassembled the car, do you recall what happened to the many bits like the original throttle bracket? Did those items go with the car when you sold it?
  6. I asked the shop to take a photo of the bracket, here’s the back: I’m missing most of the linkage components and a lot of the pedal assembly parts as well. Not the end of the world, but certainly an additional hurdle.
  7. Wow, great tip on the accelerator bracket, the version I found in Japan has the bolt holes so maybe I got super lucky there? I'll send some shots of it a little later, struggling to find photos at the moment. Unfortunately the floors were in very rough shape when I got the car, it kills me that the footrest indentations/holes weren't there to save. I'm looking to find the factory location for where the footrest mounts. I do have one (somewhere in the garage) but I'm not 100% sure it came with my car, it's also in quite poor shape so I'll need to find another one most likely.
  8. Thanks guys, I'm trying to do right by this car. In regards to the rear sway bar, should I be surprised to see rear brackets on an early S30? My understanding is those brackets started showing up on 73s but even those didn't always have a rear sway bar installed from the factory. Of course, a previous owner could have modified the car, but looking at some other Zs on Tea Valley's I noticed a 70 with the brackets in the same position as my car. One of my most pressing items to figure out is how the accelerator bracket mounts to the firewall. My car did not have one when I acquired it, I searched for a long while and finally came across one in Japan. I see the three mounting holes, but in all the photos I see of these brackets they don't appear to be bolted on, rather they seem to be spot welded? I'd like that detail to appear as factory as possible, so if anyone has insight on the correct way to handle that bracket I would be grateful. Reference photo from Tea Valley:
  9. The shop will be correcting based on the photo you shared, thanks Jeff.
  10. Another save, forgot that I was planning to run a Nismo bar in the rear and this would cause me issues. I’ll bring it up to the shop when I see the car, is that lower plate under the bar for reinforcing where the mounts connect?
  11. Forgot to note the floor support channels as well, the floors and channels on it were in exceptionally bad shape, probably the worst (save perhaps the rear passenger quarter) and so I thought it wise to extend them and add some extra strength. The only body modification of note is I removed the battery tray as it was completely rotted. I’m planning on relocating the battery and so that made the decision a little easier.
  12. Ha, great catch, you described it exactly. The top left wing panel was pretty rotted out, don’t know how I didn’t catch the washer bottle mount. I’m going to see the car in person tomorrow morning, if it’s ok with you I would love to get your eyes on some details before it gets primer applied. I have so many questions/details to figure out, I’m doing my reading but I hope I won’t be a bother asking some questions here pretty soon. As always Alan, your insight and knowledge is unequaled, thank you for catching what could have been an expensive headache.
  13. Thanks Alan, is there anything I should be concerned about? I’ve noticed other cars don’t have those exposed sections on the top (in your red boxes) is this something unique to earlier cars, or does it need to be corrected?
  14. It's been a long while since I've posted anything in this thread, but happily I have progress to share. The car is 99% out of metalwork, just about every panel save the roof has had some (or a lot) of attention. Wrapping up a few more details and then it will soon head into paint.
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