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  1. I appreciate that, my primary goal is to be respectful of the original details for the car but I am deviating in a few small places. I was able to inspect an absolute time capsule of an S30 owned by a friend and compare some lines/angles. I’ll have the shop round the edges on the rear a little more. I should have mounted mirrors on the car to check, though all the data points are lining up thus far and I’m feeling good about the fenders as they are.
  2. Getting so close, looking for opinions on some details, specifically the rounding of the corner edges on the rear of the car. They feel a little sharp right now, though I know it’s difficult to see in the photos.
  3. That looks pretty close, I'll get a measurement from the inner fender to the mounting spots, but I'm not as worried based on your information. Thanks!
  4. Frustrated at myself for not checking this sooner, but I’m not 100% the fenders are original to the car and I never checked the mounting location for the fender mirrors. I know that the mirrors were positioned asymmetrically from the factory, and that there isn’t necessarily a “correct” but for a RHD car does the driver’s side sit further to the nose of the car than the passenger side. On my car the right side (driver’s) mirror is about an inch and half closer to the front of the car compared to the left side.
  5. Thank you so, so much Alan. This is exactly what I was looking for. Never knew about the rubber seals, another neat detail.
  6. Apologies for the delay in responding, thank you Alan for confirming the location of that bracket. Curious if there are any photos I can reference for how to refinish the underside of the rear spoiler. I have an early ribbed spoiler (PZR I believe it is referred to as) that I purchased from Japan. To my understanding (read: hope) it is a factory piece. From what I've seen on other cars, it looks like the underside is meant to be left open, instead of having a flat plane/base? Here's a photo of the underside, I can get more from the bodyshop as needed.
  7. Nearing primer, but a spare piece of the body (perhaps?) remains and I'm not sure where it belongs, if at all. Does this look familiar to anyone? EDIT - Looks like this is for mounting the washer reservoir, which my car at one point had two (as pointed out by Alan previously) and that has since been addressed, so this piece most likely came from the left side mount that was removed.
  8. Might have found what I'm looking for, should have waited to post. Looks like I might have a bar for a 260z?
  9. Hey guys, the bodyshop is test fitting my rear suspension setup and we may have hit a snag with the rear sway bar. The car is an early model Fairlady Z, and the sway bar is a Nismo, 22mm I believe. The car will be running on coilovers and adjustable rear A arms, the issue is the sway bar (suspension under no compression) seems extremely close to the body of the car. Seems like even under mild compression it would hit, am I missing something? Curious if anyone else has run into a similar issue, I haven't gone to seen the car myself yet so I only have a few photos they shared with me:
  10. Work continues. Spoiler mounted and frame rails adjusted to make room for sway bar. Next up is figuring out the exact locations for where to drill on the rear inner deck lid panel, for mounting the taillight panel and license plate lamp. I don’t suppose anyone is aware of measurements/templates for that. Trying to be as close to factory as I can.
  11. Yep, it's the FS5C71A. I'll probably be posting here when it comes time to rebuild, once I know what needs fixing.
  12. Something else the car does not have is the inner fender guards / splash covers. Are there any variance in these for the earlier S30s? These are the panels I'm referring to:
  13. Oh for sure, I wish it was an S20 but then I think the price tag would have been (significantly) higher. I have the 71A and will be rebuilding it, a very vital part of the project in my eyes. It's also my understanding that installing a later model 5-speed requires tunnel/shifter console work which I am totally opposed to. I haven't decided if I want to run the L20 or build out an 3+ liter out of an N42 long block. I already set aside a Spirit Garage header + exhaust which would be overkill on a 2 liter...but first I have to get through all the bodywork.
  14. Going through this process, I can totally see how things can get mixed up super easily. When I got the car, Mike provided an L20A but it's my understanding that's not the original motor?
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