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  1. A part of the build I’m doing is also to make the car comfort and modern feeling. I was wondering if anyone has successfully cracked an apple carplay head unit into their 240? There’s a few models in single din but all the screens that eject our are doubly din size to use them and I can’t see the angle working with the dash. i was hoping not to have to relocate and hide it
  2. Not at all. I paid 60k a year ago and that looks pretty tidy. Mine is completely stock but straight. I’d say that’s had a fair bit spent and the price isn’t bad.
  3. Thanks, all. After more reading and phone calls I believe Les is by far the way to go for the build. I’ll keep you updated. Cheers
  4. Thats where i went wrong. It has a sketchy 2nd and 3rd so iwas having it rebuilt before its booking for suspension and carbs but ive found out its stuffed and their parts aren't readily available for the '71. i dont mind chasing other options im planning on an stage 4 datsun spirit SPL build engine so im not concerned about keeping it stock. In fact ive just noticed the $4000 webers ive had built for it where its about to get tuned aren't recommended for the stage 4, guess research is key eh!
  5. Thanks Again, its a 71A, ill have to look into those other options, im surprised there isnt as much as an aftermarket for gearbox parts as there is everything else on these cars
  6. Thanks Gav, did see that as a last resort for a sight unseen I just need to get the numbers off mine from the shop to confirm what mine is but I believe it’s the earlier one as the ashtray is in front of it
  7. Hi, I was chasing a gearbox for a 240z if anyone had one?
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