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  1. Hi just wondering if any one is travelling to Bathurst from south west Victoria
  2. would be really interested if the run was to the west/south west of the city Also there is an All Japanese car show in Ballarat on Sunday 21st January for those interested
  3. Chris

    Targa Florio

    The Targa Florio car rally is going to Apollo Bay via the Great Ocean Road on 1st December, the event will not require the roads to be closed.First time ever the race is outside Italy. Might be worth a run to check out the hundreds of classic sports cars involved
  4. Hope you find your whippet ASAP they are the best dogs ever,we had one he was part of the family
  5. Would be a great day out but along way in a day from southwest Victoria, I know the 260 or the 83 Nissan skyline would both love to go!!
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