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  1. I have made some progress with the tuning. I do have a wideband sensor but only at the end of the extractors. I contemplated moving the sensor up further so I could split between the carbs but ended up just getting a Colortune. I have managed to get them really close and now in the stages of really fine tuning for the best overall performance. Adjusting and test driving is just taking a while to do. From the measurements I found on some forums I suspect my needles are pretty close to N27. I think the tune is close enough now for this motor and will probably wait on buying needles for my other
  2. Just freshened up a set of su's and fitted them on a stock 240k with extractors, 2 1/2 exhaust and 240z airbox. Adjusted and sync ed them as best I can and it runs pretty well but a can't get the idle mixture leaner than about 11 without making the rest of the rev range too lean. No markings on the needle but I have measured the stations with verniers to give me an idea of what is happening. 1 and 2 are about .0950 and .0940? Can anyone recommend a needle for me before I buy sw, SL ? Thanks.
  3. I found out last night that they are used in bracket racing? Funny thing is the 3N71B are worthless to Datsun owners but very useful to Mazda racers. Now nowing this I probably sold it too cheap but I am stoked someone else is using it and not going to the scrappers. Make sure you advertise it by the model number of the box.
  4. Complete and worked well when removed last week. Let me know if anyone is interested as I don't have room to have it laying around. $100 or best offer???
  5. Hey ZZZChris, I live on Earth. Perhaps a better location will help in your search. Are you chasing 4,5 or 6 speed?
  6. No outcome really, was just interested in getting some images together in one place. There was an awesome Stanza one with a rodeo horse but I can't see the image in the comments anymore.
  7. I tried to start something a while ago on OZDAT. http://ozdat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=32777&hilit=dealer+stickers
  8. Hit up dattocam, he may still have some.
  9. About to do the same with mine but I haven't run it yet. I have an Areoflow red pump https://www.aeroflowperformance.com/fuel-systems-efi-accessories/fuel-pumps/carburettered/af49-1008and a low pressure reg https://www.aeroflowperformance.com/fuel-systems-efi-accessories/fuel-pressure-regulators/carburettered/af49-3001. Got this guage to check as well https://www.aeroflowperformance.com/electrical-accessories-gauges/gauges-accessories/gauges/af30-2002. Hope it's not too loud.
  10. I will be in the same boat shortly, keen to find out.
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