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  1. Did the louver end up selling? Keen if not.
  2. I found a thread on how to marry some of the old and new parts together to make it work, I hope it works, this is all completely new to me. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/49194-differential-cv-lsd-hp-torque-r160-r180-r200-r230-diff-mount/
  3. Hey guys, I’m in the process of swapping out my busted R180 on my 240 for a replacement R180, I ended up with a K model, so i’m Going to swap over to the bolt in tomorrow. But my main concern is that one of the stub shafts slides in with little drama, just a solid push, the other one grabs at the start of the splines and i’m wondering if it’s okay to rubber mallet it in or if that might damage the splines? Cheers
  4. Can you let me know how you go with those? I've just purchased some 15 x 8 +0's with 225/50's on them and I'm hoping they'll fit, otherwise I'll be looking for new tyres.
  5. Yes please, can you grab me the full 3.9 in your next order?
  6. Hey guys, does anyone know where I can purchase the speedo cog for a 3.9 r180? Can you still purchase them new? Preferably in aus, but if they’re not available happy to go further.
  7. Hey mate, do you have the 3.9 back in stock? If so I'll take one with housing.
  8. ` Do they pop up very often in aus? I haven't come across them, though I've only been looking at parts for the last few months.
  9. Hey team, I have a friend whose after all the pieces for a manual conversion for his 280zx minus the box, or even a cheap donor car. Anyone have any leads? Hesh
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