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  1. huge cheers. looks orig, but looks like the tip's been replaced at some stage
  2. has anyone done this? i've tried, but my soldering iron is too wimpy. will the 100W unit from supersheap be enough. also lots of discussion on the type of solder the soldering irons that i can see on youtube for this job seems to be massive
  3. does anyone have one of these that they can measure up, just need the radius, length and position of the offsets. can't find it anywhere
  4. Need some panels welded up with a TIG. My MIG is too pwerful for the job
  5. in crap condition, yellow, cracked, etc . just need the lens, even if its crappy
  6. ok, i've knocked up the profile, including the foam and the perspex. the thickness for each is set to 2mm. i'm showing 90 deg bends for the moment have a look and let me know ring3.bmp
  7. if you can be the basic height and angle measurements for the channel, i'll send you a couple of templates that you can try to fit over the channel. once i have the profile spot on, it will get easier meanwhile, i'll send you a couple of profiles on what i could work out from the phots. i live in elwood, which is next door to south melbourne, so yeah if they're still there, that's awesome it would be extremely difficult and time consuming to make these by hand because of the 3d curves, you would need a shrinker and a roller at the same time . and be an absolute expert with both because the chrome plating will show up any imperfections
  8. if you hang around this thread and gav gets me the dimensions, there'll be some that you can use.
  9. great work. couple of questions 1,. what's the thickness of the metal 2. its hard to tell the profile form the photos, so looking for the main dimensions eg the height , radius of the bends and degrees on each of the sides. you said they're not at 90 degrees. from the photo, it looks like one side is higher then the other. once i get these, i'll punch them into the profile i'm building 3. what size are the countersunk holes? 4. it looks like there's a joining weld on one of the rings. is this correct? 5. do you have the fittings that screw into the car 6. you said that the perspex is in melb. is it somewhere i can take a look? ring.bmp
  10. i have a standard L24 resonator and done, but have overdone the muffler ( 18" oval), so you can;t even hear the engine so have been doing a bit of research on keeping it within the 96 dba limit and 1. Hard to get anything for the standard 1 5/8 ( 41 mm outside diam) pipe 2. Need an oval OC ( offset and centre holes ) to make it work in the dogleg with the universal mufflers like redback 3. i dont want the straight thru designs which all have glasspacks as they degrade over time 4. i removed the muffler and ran the motor without and while it was loud due to the resonator it wasn;t that loud. i measured under 96dba at the pipe 5. i probably just need to drop a couple of decibels and i'll be right so ... 1. can i just drop another resonator or a hot dog at the back ? hoping someone can help me out on this
  11. hold your cash, ill probably make my ones from stainless
  12. its not going to be straightforward. you either beat them out by hand ( like that guy) or have a precision stamping die like the factory. thus the $s
  13. how are you going with this, i'm on a roll and have the autocad ready to go
  14. cool, i just the profile of the ring. is it made from pressed aluminium or chrome plated steel? whats the thickness?
  15. no, as in the ones sold by the jdm-car-parts website are plastic yes, would like both the rings and the cover to take measurements i can;t work from the photo the profile of the "bubble" version of the covers
  16. c'mon, someone must have one of these in the country, even to borrow for a large $ deposit?
  17. the jdm rings are plastic common blokes, surely has the real rings somewhere in their garage!!
  18. the jdm ones say sold out can;t tell from the photos, but the original look either like alloy or chrome plated in
  19. Folks, I'm going to try to reproduce a set, so if anyone has even a crappy one even for one side, that's a bonus If not, I wld appreciate a couple of close up photos. I think I've sussed out the mounting brackets, so just need to workout a profile If it works out, everyone wins!
  20. aircobra

    L24 Fan info

    Anyways, the car (L24) came with a stuffed fan clutch and a 280 plastic fan. So I got a new clutch for $90 and now the bloody thing roars like helicopter. As far as I can tell, the clutch unit is working correctly ( I think they're geared to 30% engine speed via a viscous coupling), but I wonder if I can get a smaller fan I know that the originals came with the 4 blade metal fan, but all the plastic fans for the 240 seem to come in 7 or 8 blade versions ( '72 on, also listed for 260/280) is the 7 blade one smaller in diameter and any quieter?
  21. surely someone has a a set in vic?
  22. no worries, you got the brand and precise size please?
  23. problem seems to be the offset, most non datsun cars seem to have + 20 offset, whereas the z is supposed to be 0
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