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  1. open to offers
  2. For Sale 1975 Datsun 2+2 1975 Restored 20 years ago and still presents very well inside and out Bare metal respray in Galaxy Blue, full retrim interior and reskin dash L28 5 sp 240z carbs, new tyres pro star style mags and more On Vic club reg and in storage but I will get it out wash and take photos
  3. HKSZ

    S30 2 Seater

    I have a 260z two seater on club reg i maybe looking to sell over summer if i have time
  4. HKSZ

    S30 2 Seater

    What are you looking for? something standard, race inspired or modern engine make over?
  5. HKSZ

    WTB Lowered King springs

    Thanks I already have pedders looking to try king low
  6. HKSZ

    WTB Lowered King springs

    Hey thanks russ but I think postage from Gympie might cost me a bit, best price I can find online is $300 delivered
  7. Looking for a set or maybe pair of low 260Z King springs before I have to buy new thanks.
  8. In the end I seperated the knuckle and ball joint from the strut bottom, both turn freely but once bolted together it tightens up again. I put a jack under the swing arm and raised it level, this allowed the strut to rotate further and fitting the tie rods i look to have full forward lock. In the end it still seems strange the strut binds under full droop like that but maybe it has something to do with the ball joint being offset in the knuckle arm.
  9. I have a question about front struts. How much should should they freely turn? ( While not connected to tie rod ends ) Just greased steering rack, fitted new strut bearings, new ball joints and about to fit new tie rod ends, However before I connect the rods ends I noticed on both sides the struts turn inward about 20deg and 45deg outwards. I can inderstand the the outward stopping at 45deg cause the rear of the steering arm hits the swing arm, but why does the inward turn start to bind at 20deg because it still not touching anything and there aint any stoppers on the zed steering arm?
  10. Stewart told me he uses GTS-T r33 Looking at your photos the whole struts may need to be swapped left to right to clear steering arms?
  11. Always wondered this myself, so I align it up with the pin hole oiler in the diff carrier?
  12. What makes me laugh is these cars came out of the factory with two 43mm carbs One SU feeds 3 cylinders Yet ppl think six 40mm barrels feeding six cylinders can't possibly work, what ever happened to the mantra " don't over carb, don't over cam your Datsun" Sometimes you need to look at the tuner more than the tune of the carbs
  13. Yeah I've got these on a 240K strut I imagine zed bracket is the same
  14. Do you have to cut the old caliper mounts off the front struts and redrill for the SWR mounts?
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