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  1. HKSZ

    Weber F2 Emulsion Tubes

    F11 offer the best progression, they are leaner but a dyno or afr meter we decide that
  2. You'd need better photos than that but there was old volvo and BMW iron 4 spots that bolted up, take out a pad and match shape to a DBA catalogue
  3. Wow I had no idea chocks and jacks are date coded No numbers on these but they look like the ones on sticker in the tool box, the woman selling em told me they're caravan wheel chocks!
  4. Picked these up at the Bendigo swap are they off a Zed? I thought we used the folding type
  5. I'm going but some of their details are a bit lightl, what does it cost?
  6. Ill drive over the mountain one day, driven pikes peak, isle of man it's never been a problem
  7. I thought as much, real shame would have been loved to go
  8. I'm thinking of road tripping one of my rally cars up for the Festival, will the road (circuit) be open outside of racing times or closed the whole event?
  9. Can you take the 4.4 subi R180 crown and pinion and bolt into a datto r180? do they bolt up?
  10. Nah I was talking between my lsd R200 4.3 and R180
  11. Thanks for that, I've never seen one for sale I do have a few 4.3 R200s awesome ratio in my hill climb car. Would like to change my R180 LSD 4.8 down to 4.3 for a decent weight saving
  12. How hard are 4.375 diffs in R180 to find and what are they worth? I'm not even sure what nissan they would of come out of.
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