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  1. Spot on Gav, it was under a tarp in Hurstbridge, it a gold/ yellow colour, haven't checked it out properly yet. I will have a closer look tomorrow, i have a bit of a collection going on now may need to extend the shed.
  2. Gav Picked up another series one today #343 Unsure of it's fate as yet, straight but fairly rusty, may become a donor car for some of the bits my #330 is missing. Cheers Adrian
  3. min $25 some rust work and paint Unpick panels and replace replace or repair all rust could easily go $50K I know of many cars that spend 40 >50 K on metal work prior to paint.
  4. Gav I would be interested in a set of doors if the import works out as planned, and the pricing is realistic. Cheers Adrian
  5. I think I have a set of hinges, contact me later in the week if you don't have any luck elsewhere. Adrian
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    260 Rally

    Once you have driven one in anger it changes you for life
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