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  1. Another two here, will be in the Roadster, cheers
  2. Selling my set of triple 48 Italian webers. They come on a matching Tomei Japanese performance manifold with linkages. Very good condition. I will not be using on any future project at this stage. $3000-
  3. Certainly a good performance in the Z, and the times showed.
  4. That was my datsun 2000 and I expected Hung to grip up and head inside a bit, I stayed on the grass and came back on luckily. Scary just the same as you know there are cars behind as well.
  5. Selling your estates to pay for engine builds? Tom?
  6. viking

    240Z Steel Wheels

    Would like to find some steel wheels for my Z so I can fit the original hub caps. Is there anything readily available to suit in 14 x 5.5 or 14 x 6. I have a set of roadster 14 x 4.5 but I have been quoted $200- per wheel to fit new outer rims. I tried skyline rims but the offset is to large, Thanks.
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