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Heartbeat Cars Parramatta Rd Sydney

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So I've been watching these guys for a while, since they are importing vintage Japanese cars more and more.

I guess when you are cynical like me, you are rarely disappointed.

Here is an example of behavior we've seen before, advertising a car for sale, when you don't actually have it in stock.

Exhibit A (as in Spirit R Type A).

Photo index.

and link to car in their Albums.

But when looking on Goo-Net, what do I find?


Stock Number:0204401A20180615G003
Location:Aichi Japan

#1459 out of #1500 Spirit Rs

Japanese Domestic Price 3,880,000 yen

Actual dealer with the car is GTNET


So whilst this isn't the biggest indiscretion in the world. You may recall a certain someone advertising a Z432 for sale that didn't belong to them.

I'll leave it for you folks to decide if you think this is a problem or not?Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 6.29.26 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 6.26.17 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 6.37.07 PM.png

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Hey Gav, I am not defending them or their practices. But they never say they stock all of these cars. For the FD mentioned, they even state it's listed for sale in Japan. I assume though that they can buy from the dealership and import it. I have noticed quite a few of the importers do this, showing what's on offer in Japan. 


"Listed for sale in Japan. 2003 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (1459/1500) with 69,000kms. Expected landed and registered high $50Ks"

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Note: Heart Beat Cars also trades under the name. HIMAWARI VEHICLE IMPORTS PTY LTD


It was registered last year: 30-06-2017

However there is already a process in action to deregister the business.

Refer to Government sites here:






ABN 95 620 159 293

When I do a Google Search for "HIMAWARI VEHICLE IMPORTS PTY LTD" I see old mates business listing.

They may not be directly related, but it has got me thinking..

Q> Anyone know how to get the owner name based on an ABN? It looks like ASIC wants to charge for that information?


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21 minutes ago, gav240z said:


Q> Anyone know how to get the owner name based on an ABN? It looks like ASIC wants to charge for that information?


Hey Gav, I am fairly confident the only way to find out is to pay for the ASIC record. Unless you know someone who knows someone sort of thing.

Here is another business record:


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Thanks, also worth keeping an eye on Google Reviews.


Sort by "Worst Rating"...I know not everyone leaves fair reviews, but it seems some things remain a constant theme for Parramatta Rd dealers.

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I wouldn't be trusting anyone who is importing cars.. Ive got 18years motor trade experience and know plenty of them and haven't found one yet i would trust.

You can do a Equifax company search but would cost money. would tell you who directors are and what not..

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