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Hi Guys,


After several years of dreaming, hoping, and gawking, I'm now trying to line up the purchase of my first Z - a 240z at that.  I've searched and couldn't find anything that answered my question - but I could just suck at searching.


The guy upgraded the brakes, to 6 pot wilwoods on the front and 280z discs on the back. The only wheels he had that fit required spacers to change the stud pattern to a 5 stud - due to the spacers these won't pass RWC.


I've arranged with him to lower the price and I'll supply wheels, he gets to keep his which he likes, and I essentially get the wheels I want.


He's advised they need to be at least 16" to clear the calipers, so with that in mind I've got my eye on some Rota Grid Classics. He said to go a +0 offset. So I picked out some Gunmetal (w/ polished lip) 16x8 +0.


He says that should fit really nicely, however I just wanted to confirm with the masses. There's no rolled guards or flares. I also need to line up tires. I was guesstimating (and I'm a complete novice on tire measurements) that I should go something like a 225/50r16?


Will this work under the stock arches? He has upgraded springs/shocks but they're not coilovers.


TL;DR Version

Rims - 16x8+0

Tires - 225/50r16

Will this fit under stock arches?

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8" at a 0 offset will be ok with guard lips, just, with a 225/50.

With 8" at -4 mm the rear lips need a bit of folding/cutting back, as a 225/50 tyre can just rub, on neg 4.


On your fronts, the outers will be fine, you could get a touch close to the lower spring seats/perches, at 16" diam and with the inwards angle of the strut, you should be ok.

Lesser diam, ie 15-14" can touch the perch.

I bit of angle grinding solves that.


If at all pissible, grab one rim, on trial, and ask if you can take it to try, on front and rear.

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I'd love to, but I face a few problems with the trialing.


Rota's shop is in Melbourne, so I can't pop in and ask to try one out since I'm on the Gold Coast :( I've also not found any cheap wheels in this size and wouldn't trust myself with making a mock up


Also he lives a good 9-10 hour round trip away. I met with him half way (so 5 hour round trip each) to test drive the car - I'd really only like to make the 10 hour trip once, to pick up the car and spares.


Ahh the things we do for nice cars.

(P.s. does everyone else's friends/family/colleagues think they're insane for lusting after a 40+ year old car?)



Edit: Forgot to mention, when we took it for a drive there was some occasional rubbing on the rear on rough dips. The guards have not been rolled, but sounds like this is an easy enough job to do once the cars home?

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once you lip the guards it should stop the rubbing, if you use a professional guard rolling service you may even get away without damaging the paint.

as for the wheels, do you know the stud pattern? It is most likely 5x114.5 (seems to be common for the 5 stud conversion)

It might be easier to find some cheap wheels/tyres from a nissan/falcon/toyota ect and put them on for the trip home.

You can always flip them for some coin later when you get your wheels you want.

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Ask if seller can whack on some steelies with barely good rubber, from a Falcon, if the stud spacer kit is 5x114.3 pcd ( most are) at least that way it rolls

If hiring a trailer to cart it back, it wont matter.

Thats if he will leave the illegal stud conversion units on.

You can flog those off to a S13 Sylvia wannbe drift type!

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  • 7 months later...

Sorry to revive an old thread but thought it was better here than creating a new one.  I am looking at the same wheels but with standard suspension , calipers etc (need new tyres so thought I would get the wheels a the same time).


Given the above I reckon the fact that I don't have flared guard should (just) be OK.  I'm concerned about rubbing on the inside though.  Trying to find a Rota dealer in Sydney to do a test fit for me but any advice welcome !


Also talking about a 240Z

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