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sounds good, could be great for the Z's to represent.


Farrgit, im bringing the mighty   120Y. Down!!
Clean up big time!

How much to enter?

Heck of a lot of info over on Pulsar ( nissan) forum, and no, not cheap, maximum dollar extraction in play.
The rules and supp regs need carefull reading, as i see it, each doctrine will cost $x times no of items, equals Z

We cant do everything, its basicalky a get money in, get spectators paying in excersise, all because the current crop of ARC championship cars are as boring as bat doodoo, organisets are going all out to market and pull in people, but the " mai"event will be round 1 of the ARC.
We will be finabcially backing it.

I ran as an invited car at the WRC/ARC at Coffs in 2011, if it wasnt for the grassroots giys running the event would fold, but, the grass roots giys get diddlysquat for their efforts, as main focus is on WRC and ARC some 30 cars, the rest was some 70 to support the 30

So, Luvemfast, yes it is expensive to play.
Someone else have a go at working out costs, my brain hurys!

Here are the costs and other entry info,

Time Attack/Supersprint $200

One-Lap Dash/Tarmac Rally $150

Gymkhana $150

400 metre sprint $150

Show N Shine $90 (note only $40 if entered in another motorsport discipline)

5. Entries MAY be subject to a maximum for each event as is referenced per event below;

a) Time Attack/Supersprint: 2 entries per forum

b) One-Lap Dash/Tarmac Rally Stage: 2 entries per forum

c) Gymkhana: 2 entries per forum

d) 400-metre sprint/: 4 entries per forum

e) Show N Shine: 20 entries per forum

Where entries are restricted the relevant forum moderator (s) together with the promoter will determine the entries accepted within each discipline.



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