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  1. Agreed. That IS a bargain for a built motor. I’ve got a dead one sitting my garage. Got stock turbos in excellent condition sleeping next to it but seeing as you’re sorted there, no worries! Keen to see the instal man!! Good luck.
  2. Hey mate, if you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for the RB26? Is it turn key or needing a rebuild?
  3. HAHA mate chuck it up for sale. Never know what you might score! Hehe thanks man.
  4. Thanks, yeah and you never know. If I find that this scratches the power itch and I want something tamer and more cruisy, I might yet get back in an L series Z. Cammed. Webered. Stroked...lol Just this one. Seem to love the arse end much more. Front needs a bit of love. New headlights (one's cracked) and re-paint the grills inbetween them and the lower lip back to white, currently black. Undecided on whether I should just get an N1 front bar though. Also don't like the wheels. Want something a little more period correct. Probably change the exhaust too. This one's a Tomei titanium, quality stuff but so loud, try go for something that looks original but still flows.
  5. So I'm closing this chapter out...for now. I consider myself pretty patient but I'm not silly, and definitely won't waste my own time. I knew what I wanted, I had the cash and was ready. I had been chasing a vehicle and speaking with it's ever-undecided owner (all-be-it top bloke and all round good guy) for literally months, but we got to a point where I felt I was wasting my time again. When I realised I wasn't getting anywhere, I started asking myself serious questions and weighed up my options. How much do I want a Z? Do I really want one with a turbo RB? Is the L series really not enough for me? Or, can I actually live with and appreciate it after owning only powerful cars in the past? What do I actually want more: a Z or the turbo RB? Does it have to be both? Do I buy a clean base in this crazy market for near $40,000, only to go through the headaches and time it takes to do a proper conversion for another $20,000? After much consideration, I got angry and something clicked. Saturday night I thought, F'it, I'm buying something. Something incredible came up and fell into my lap... (or did it come up in my lap?) Sunday, I went and inspected a vehicle with an RB26, forged and blueprinted motor, head work, upgraded turbos and 380kw at the wheels. Monday, said vehicle sat in my garage in all it's glory... . . I know right? I know... and the best part is, it also came with a SPARE, top to bottom RB26 with turbos. So, who knows - the RB Z dream is definitely NOT dead yet!!
  6. @saxon you need these: https://skillard.com/product/datsun-240z-260z-280z-front-bumper-delete-plates-set/?doing_wp_cron=1582017224.7307291030883789062500
  7. Glad to see you're back at it and got it back on the road mate.
  8. Anyone know much about this lovely? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1974-Datsun-260Z-Manual/SSE-AD-6382103
  9. We both agreed $30k was fair. He doesn't want to sell and I don't want to pay any more.
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