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  1. Sent you a PM mate
  2. We both agreed $30k was fair. He doesn't want to sell and I don't want to pay any more.
  3. Got very close doing a deal on an RB30 swapped beauty. Agreed on $30K as a fair price (non turbo, no suspension or brake upgrades but otherwise lovely car). Unfortunately, the owner backed out, as he couldn't bring himself to sell it. I don't blame him. The search continues!
  4. This was listed today wasn't it? It's now sold. Wtf. Sent a text too. Burning.
  5. He told me he's looking for offers over $50k but won't respond to my message for more photos and details of "work done".
  6. So you download it and read the damn pointless thing.
  7. Interesting. If it had no reserve, why didn't it sell for $31,400? I'm gonna offer $20,000.
  8. Hi Forum, I'm looking for a 2 seat 260z or 240z. Preferably RB or LS swapped and must be manual. Preferably restored body, but not necessary if rust is minimal/non-existent. I'm based in VIC and my budget is $35K depending on condition/work done. I've watched the market closely over the last 2-3 years and know I'm in the ballpark price wise, cash is ready but I won't be taken for a ride either. Thanks, Elyas.
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