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  1. I should have said this ages ago -- but the system was sold. And I met another avid Zed owner through the process!
  2. Hi all -- I am thinking of parting ways with my Zed. Long story and all my friends will tell me I am crazy. But lots of factors for me at the moment are pointing me in this direction. So I am wondering if anyone is interested before I actually start advertising it in the usual places. The Car: 2 seat 77 260Z. As far as I know I am the third of fourth owner. Interior and Exterior are in very good to excellent condition for age. Car has had a full respray but that was some years ago now; but nevertheless she still polishes up nicely and looks great. Chasis is straight and no rust. Wheels: Watanabe 16x8 all round with polished lip and hardly used Toyo R888Rs all round. 1/2 Cage. Racing Harnesses. Cobra FIA approved seats. Sports steering wheel. Windscreen is new. Sits on a full Arizona Z Car set of lower control arms, diff mount and mustache bar, etc. Front and back. Also Arizona Z Car Brakes all round with Willwood Calipers and in-cabin brake bias and hydraulic handbrake. Running hardly used DS Uno pads all round and AP Racing Fluids. Koni Adjustables and King Springs all round. I am not 100% sure on the weight of the springs but I can get this if needed. Sway bars. Nolathane bushes. Stewart Wilkens uni joints in drive shafts. R 200 LSD 4.375:1 Diff with NISMO Centre -- Stewart Wilkens mount. R32 5 Speed with modified bell housing to bolt up to motor. OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch and matching Flywheel (brand new). Flywheel is dowled to crank and attached with ARP bolts. Engine: Just at the tail end of running it in. Brand new. Rebello Racing 3.2 L stroker kit in the bottom end. Billet Crank, Rebello Conrods, forged J&E Pistons, polymer bearings throughout and ARP bolts throughout. See Rebello Racing website. All sits in the N42 L28 Block and the whole lot was prepared by James and Brett at MIA Engine Services in Sydney. P90 Head. Multilayer Steel Head Gasket -- fully balanced, ported and flowed. Special mods to intake manifold and cam is an MIA special. 45mm Webers with 40mm Chokes and ATI Balancer. Kameari Engine Works Cam Chain and sprockets top and bottom and Kameari twin idler tension unit with Kameari Oil pump as well and also Arizona Z Car 7L sump. PWR alloy radiator with twin thermo fans. Original design NISMO 6 into two into one equal length headers, ceramic coated and wrapped. With heat shield between them and the cold air box. 3" straight through exhaust. The whole lot is brand new (and yes it was expensive). As soon as I finish running it in I will replace all fluids with Royal Purple and put the Earls Oil Cooler back on. Initial Dyno runs are very good indeed happy to discuss with non-tyre kicking interested parties. There are probably a few bits and pieces that I missed. I know every nut and bolt of the car intimately and I can say without any "pitch" that this is a fantastically well set up car and it is fast! Suits club days, track events, targa or tarmac events or just discrete back country blasts. It is well behaved around town although I don't drive it much there as you can imagine. Gets too much attention. But a super sprint on just about any track in the country is where you really get to appreciate it. Ear to ear grin is guaranteed. And reliable. If you understood all the jargon in this post you will know that it will be priced accordingly. If you are interested please send me a message.
  3. Hi all -- I am mid a major upgrade to my 77 260Z (2 Seat). Part of which means that my exhaust system needs to get bigger. So I am selling the existing one. Stewart Wilkens extractors -- ceramic coated -- to straight through exhaust with rear muffler only (Stainless Muffler) Mild Steel pipe. My old engine with this system made just shy of 250HP at the backwheels as dyno'd by James and the boys at MIA Engine Services in Dee Why. Make me an offer. I am guessing 900 or so for the lot. Its all in good working condition and I would not be replacing but for the engine up grade. Sorry its a 2 3/4" system I am going to 3" in new set up.
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