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  1. Finally got the Barra powered 260z to the track!
  2. Hey guys looking to buy a 260z fuel tank as mine is beyond repair loctaed iNewcastle but I will take care of and organise for for anyone that has one interstate needed asap before drag challenge! thansk very much
  3. Hey mate, my engine is also a fg engine and my sump is also the same, we didn’t modify the pickup, we left it in the factory position and instead spaced the cross memeber down and posistined the engine in the right spot around the hump in the front, the other ford engine that went into the red 240z I believe was from either a ba or bf which have the pickup up the back, you could see if you could get one of those sumps on the fg engine and position the oil pickup in a different spot/place but I’m not sure if you can do that, we even took me sump off the held the engine on the crane a few mm above the crossmeber chocked the engine up so it wasn’t sitting on the Windage tray, re fitted the bonnet and still wouldn’t close without having to modify the bonnet so instead we spaced the cross memeber down and used mounts from the side of the rails with crush tubes welded in and it sits in ge bay pretty well, i will have to modify/widen the hump on the bonnet by about 20-25 mm either side to fit the front of the Ford engine in there cheers
  4. Hey mate yeah you will need to space your corssmeber down, we didn’t modify the sump or pickup, we could have but chose not too, instead we lowered the crossmeber and positioned the engine in the lowest/best place possible with the front of the factory dip in the fg sump is wpuld lobe to see photos of your z with a Barra in it too!!
  5. Hey giys for sale I have a set of sumitomo standard front 1977 260z brakes for sale selling due to upgrade and not needing anymore i don’t really know what they are worth but someone can have them for $200 working order nor including postage but happy to post anywhere at buyers expense thanks guys
  6. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDfiNH6RriEKFDRtjIiuaA
  7. Gday guys So I have for sale a skillard automotive 240z heater delete panel I purchased a 260z one for my Datsun and they sent the wrong one, instead of them wanting it back they suggested I keep it and they will re send the proper one As I don’t have a 240z it is of no use to me It’s is raw aluminium and looks very cool Priced at $50 Not including postage Anyone know how I post a pic of it from my phone? Cheers
  8. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUDfiNH6RriEKFDRtjIiuaA
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