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  1. Price reduced to $53,900 on Carsales.com.au
  3. REDUCED TO $53,900. on Carsales.com and EBay
  4. PRICE REDUCED TO $55,000. See Carsales or EBay.
  5. Thanks Leon. I get your point. Looking to redirect any interest to Carsales (instead of EBay which I had used may not be as suitable for a car like this) with a change in price and bigger range of pics based on the feedback I received. Time of year probably in last few weeks- around Xmas - probably not ideal.
  6. Car sales ID: SSE-AD-5851067 I'm selling my highly original, red, unusually low km, beautifully restored, one owner since new - until very recently when I acquired, in mid 2016 - through this website), 1973 240Z now through Carsales.com ..Asking price is $57000 which is $1000's below what has been spent. view from hatch view of engine view of engine 2 view of z badge
  7. Thanks Gav - yes its good to have the full history - a big thanks to yourself and viczcar.
  8. Hi Cozza Unfotunatelly the second car needs to have 4 seats.
  9. Bay Item number:401672674116 Highly original, matching numbers, outstanding condition inside and out. Original lady owner purchased this car new in 1973 - I purchased it from her family -in Mt Evelyn, Vic, just over 2 years ago after her passing. Only 32000 miles travelled then, when featured on the VicZ website mid 2016. 34152 miles (54962km) now –otherwise always garaged. Since 2016, it has undergone comprehensive restoration - mostly down to bare metal with excellent respray in original Datsun '110' red- interior and engine bay were already excellent (Browne Auto Restorations), steering restored: ball joints, tie rod ends, bushes, struts etc to as new, by Regal Wheel Alignment, carburettor overhaul (see pic) and dynotune (Pavlou Motors), 5 new 195/70R14 Dunlop SP Sport tyres , rechromed rear bumper bar, extensive new rubbers all round, full set of new carpets etc, etc. A few small modern concessions: electronic ignition kit, ignition coil black, and new battery, better fuel pump, new filter, and inertia reel seatbelts - so this car can be a daily driver or a collectible classic. New leather seat covers will go with the car but not yet installed. Original seat covers are still in exceptionally good condition too. Dash is near perfect apart from one tiny hairline split. Console is good apart from a couple of small cracks. Rear louvres were a garage find and are now as new after a respray. 1973 Service Manual. Currently on SA Historic Motor Vehicle Registration. Receipts available. Selling well below many thousands below what I've spent on it. Buy now is $57000
  10. Hi Cozza.  Change in family size means that I have to revert to a 4 seater.


  11. My highly original matching numbers 1973 240Z has been listed on EBay. (Item ID: 401656167178) It was presented on this site in mid 2016 - at the time it was an all original - one owner who had done only 32,000 miles- she had bought it in 1973, and on her passing away I had purchased it from her family in mid 2016 -it was totally original. Over the last 2 years it has had restoration of just about everything - details are on EBay. It is now both a classic or a daily driver, and has now done approximately 34000 miles. Starting bid is 56000 which is many 1000's below what has been spent. Brian Smith
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