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  1. I'm not sure whether your still in need of the scan? But I purchased a Revopoint Pop 2 scanner not to long ago in order to scan a 260Z 2+2 rolling shell of mine for use in prototyping some parts in Solidworks, and hopefully in the next couple of weeks or more when I can get a free weekend i'm aiming towards trying to scan the whole front section and engine bay without the guards. Which in your case could probably still be useful for your project despite the differences between the 2 seater and 2+2, since they are both mostly identical up until anywhere past the firewall. If your interested i'll let you know once I've done it? I do plan on eventually scanning the rest of the shell, although it might not be relevant to what your after.
  2. To any person interested in inquiring, thank you for your interest but i've already purchased one from Chris'Z. Big thanks to him.
  3. I'm looking to purchase a used dcoe manifold as I'm building a custom ITB setup for my l26 utilizing the RB26 throttle bodies that I've acquired. I'm not too fussy, as long as there are no cracks or anything else that prevents it from being operational. Cheers.
  4. To anyone who might reply with potential inquiries to this post, I'm no longer in search of a front bumper now that I purchased a decent looking reproduction one online yesterday.
  5. Update 2: Paint Hey guys its been more than two whole months since my first post for this project I did estimate an update after six weeks from the original post and have ..... well exceeded the time frame from what I first thought. me being a slouch aside from that significant progress has been made between than and now. These two Images below are of the guard damaged in the crash, I originally planned on using the silver guard as a replacement but the day after I dropped the car off at the painters, he called me saying that when the replacement guard was being prepped he found a F*** load of bog and would have to fab a repair panel at an extra expense If I didn't have a better guard or one that could me used as a donner which is fair enough, I told him that I had the guard that was damaged in crash which should suffice as the donner he needed to complete the repair he agreed and I brought it over, once he saw the damaged guard he went silent for a minute staring at it with complete concentration with a look in his eyes one could probably perceive as a glimer, the old fella looked up and smiled at me and said uh well mate to quite frank with ya uh I rather bash out this one because i'd be F***ed to cut it up and use it as a repair panel since its all rust free, just F***in leave it with me and I'll give you a yell once its all done. The results speak for themself. My to do list before getting her on the road is. Install headlight. Install guard indicator. Install Indicators to Airdam. Install Airdam. Purchase Front bumper than install it. RWC. Rego. Find a Insurance company that will Insurer a 19Yr old for the lowest price ......uh... hmm. My to do list for the long term future. Not in order. Install Coilovers. upgrade control arms. Install headlight covers. upgrade braking system. Replace bushings with prothane bushings. Repaint engine bay. Repaint engine block. Polish engine tapid cover Dress up engine bay cables. Replace carpet. Install Fairlady Z badges. Purchase new wheels. Install front and rear strut braces. Replace guard indicators lenses with clear ones. Either upgrade twin SU's to triple side draft Webers or to a EFI ITB setup Prep and paint grill. A possible full exterior respray(except for the panels I just got painted. Fix cracked dash. Fix cracked center console. Install ashtray. Buy cassette tapes since AM radio stations are nonexistent Install custom full 2.5 inch stainless exhaust Replace Steering wheel. Upgrade diff to an LSD. Upgrade Mustache bar. Upgrade fuel system. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like usual any suggestions and advice is welcomed and appreciated.
  6. hey everybody. I'm after a front bumper preferably in need of prep and paint but straight, If anyone has one they'd be interested in selling that would be great.
  7. Hey everyone, welcome to my project thread. It's been quite a while since I've made a proper post, me meaning not posting in the WTB Classifieds. For once I have something thats now worth posting. Back in May 5th 2016, my 16 year old self was immensely desperate to purchases a S30 as some might remember: https://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/14973-wtb-260z-project/?tab=comments#comment-178253 Since then I continued my search checking classifieds daily, and jumping on any S30 in my price range, as well as accidentally annoying a few people in the process that also being members on the forum. Four years has past since then, and about November-ish of last year I purchased a 1975 260z 2+2 that was crashed in a ditch by the owner, but was repairable and happened to be in good nick despite the light impact damage. The left guard, nose-cone, three piece stock front valance, front bumper and grill were severely damaged beyond repair, the left conner of the hood was mildly pushed in as well as the left support mount for the hood hinge. Since purchasing the zed I've replaced the left guard and bought a type 1 air-dam which is yet to be installed. Recently I took the zed to the panel beater's to be put on a chassis puller and to fix the hood. Got it back last week and she looks fantastic. As for future plans I'd like to make some minimal modifications to improve handling, ride quality and to get just a tad more power out of the old l26 NA [nothing ridiculous, at 46 years of age the old fairlady may be a bit of cougar but she isn't slow poke either, To my surprise I learn't that while driving her back from the panel beaters.] Because I want to track her occasionally, as well as being a daily driver. As for short term plans in 6 weeks or more I plan on getting the hood and guard painted to color match the rest of the car, meanwhile i'm going to test fit the air-dam and fit the indicators. I'll post more updates as soon as I can, and ad more photos of how the car was when I got it. Any suggestions and advice is welcomed an appreciated.
  8. To anyone who might reply to this post, thank you for your interest but I'm no longer in need of an air dam, I bit the bullet and found one over seas in Malaysia which I've purchased and now awaiting delivery.
  9. Hello AusZcar community. I've been on the hunt for a Type 1 Style Air dam for my 2+2. I've searched to usual places online like theZstore.com and other international sites that sell them, I've got quotes for the prices of shipping on every site I inquired and it ranges from $350 - $420 USD. I continued searching and stumbled across a topic from 2009 linked here: https://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/3140-types-of-s30-front-air-dams-and-where-to-get-them-in-aus/ that mentioned where to get air dams inside and outside Australia. because of the topics age I wasn't sure whether it was still viable. so if anyone could let me know if they would be interested in selling or knows where I can source one nationally would be really appreciated. Example of the air dam pictured below:
  10. I'm sorry for the mistake I made, I let my eagerness and excitement get the best of me and as a result of it, there were a few certain parts in your topic that I didn't notice, them being that it was someone else's advertisement that you posted here on their behalf as well as "do not contact me". After reading your response to my previous comment that suggested I made a fault, I re-read the topic after and realised this. I will take this as a lesson to take more time in reading more diligently in the future
  11. Im interested please call me on 0423779115 or email me - kyleemanuel52@gmail.com
  12. Thanks everyone for your kind advice I'm glad to have heard it here now from people how have experienced the difficult process of restoring an early Z from the bare bones than to have learnt it a harder way in the long run, I sort of figured it when reading the comments and I realized I kinda got good ahead of myself due to the worry of the rarity, as well as the rising prices on the market that's sort after zeds and regarding before my eagerness for a 260z got in the way, I guess when your in your late teens you sort of tend to do that more often usual and forget that there's a lot more to it. but I'll quit babbling on, thanks again guys for the advice and wishing me luck which I know I'm definitely going to need cause none the less I'm going to continue searching my Fairlady has to be out there some were.
  13. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Thanks, but just curious about if a rolling shell would fit the bill ? It's just that I thought to myself about it before and I was wondering if that a rolling shell would be a better bet for my price range?
  15. Thanks mate she looks perfect and all but the problem is that I'm in Queensland, and the cost of fuel to get there and back is a lot when the zed already exceeds the amount I can spend.But anyway thanks for your help gav240z it's greatly appreciated.
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