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Found 8 results

  1. I currently have an L20A in my Z, and I would like a good L24 setup. I'd rather the L24 and not 26 or 28 as I would prefer a true 240z block. I'm preferebly after something that has been recently rebuilt and runs really well (eg a rebuilt ported head, E88, N42 etc would be a bonus). Depending on the work that has been done to it, and how complete it is, I would be willing to spend up to $5k. Cheers!
  2. It's been a long time since I've had my hands on an old Datsun and I've been resisting the itch. Though I'm at a point now that I can take on another project! I am now looking to purchase an old Datsun 240z-280Z (2 seater or 2+2) to work on in my spare time from work. I'm happy to pay freight to get one interstate, but being located in Melbourne would be good. My budget is around $5,000 Text me at 0433 713 091 if you are looking to pass on a Datsun! Thank you! Todd
  3. Hi Everyone, Newbie here, this could bring me some luck ! I'm searching the oem bumper blinkers, those refered in this topic : http://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/13953-whats-the-blinking-story/ I'm located in Paris, France, so, of course, shipping is prefered i'm using Paypal and have a verifies account. Hope someone has some in stock and is willing to sell, the guy I bought the car from trashed them, and so he did with oem hubcaps.. Thanks, Amar
  4. Hey Everyone, I know this a Datsun forum, but if anyone has an old 300zx they looking to part with I'm possibly interested. I'm looking for in particular a manual, turbo version with a digital dash. Oh, and it's gotta be red - red goes faster . Located in Melbourne, but will travel and road trip it home if home if she's worthy.
  5. Hi all, Yet again, another Fairlady Z 'fan' looking to buy their first. As the title suggests, I'm looking for a suitable (unmolested/close to original condition) 240Z or 260Z two-seater. Have been scanning classified websites and other cracks of the internet for Zeds since graduating high school three years ago, though my interest in the Datsun Z expands far longer than that. Had an opportunity last year, though it was gone within a week of inspecting it - I should've made an offer on the spot! Price range between $20-$28k (basically as much as I can extract from my apprenticeship income!). Can travel, though my preferred area of purchase is Brisbane and surrounding areas. My goal is to find a car already registered, or one that doesn't need too much work to get on the road. I can definitely handle minor mechanical work - body/panel work, wiring, engine/drivetrain etc - though am not capable of large rust removal or other technical fab work, so please no rust buckets! Though my budget should surpass "them" projects.. just ANY help in locating one suitable would be very appreciated. Also, hello to all forum members! I'm new here THANKS!
  6. Kirstend

    Wtb 240Z

    Hi, I'm a new member looking to buy a 240z, I would consider a project or one that's running. Sadly I can't afford the top of the range, but I can go quite a way for the right car. My only must haves are manual and right hand drive. I have been looking in gumtree, eBay, trade unique cars and in New Zealand and the UK but as you know, they're not easy to come by. Cheers, Kirsten
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum well even more so new to the club and for a while now I've been looking for a 260z 2+2 or a 260z coupe. I'm interested in any unfinished projects, any condition is fine even if it is furtherly incomplete that's not a problem at all, I don't really have much to spend so I can't go anything over $2000. if your interested in selling pls call me on 0423821921 or give me a text and I'll reply back.
  8. Hi Guys, I'm in the market for a 240/260z coupe with preferably minimal rust and a working engine in it. I know this sounds like a lot but if anyones got a rolling shell + an engine I'm happy to talk about that opportunity too. I'm fairly new to all this, never owning a z before. If anyone has a rolling shell + Engine and gearbox ready to go, please pm me to educate me how to get that running. Thanks heaps Andy
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