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  1. Should of put a better caveat my apologies. I cannot say i'm 100% sure that heart beat has affiliations with Edward Lees, however within the past year a number of import yards have closed, popped up, change names, etc.. it's hard to keep track. Just did a quick check of ABNs, can't see a link as it was only registered in July this year. However, I don't know about anyone else here and maybe i'm being very judgemental.. but Parramatta Road is the last place I would go to spend 80K on an import given the circumstances. IMO
  2. Sunrise, heatbeat.. It's the all the same people. Google Edward Lees Imports and read some of the articles. Or the current affair segment.. Could very well be an excellent car, but for that kind of money, I personally wouldn't take the gamble.
  3. I'll take wheel nuts if they're still available. Located in Canberra 2612 if you wanted to check postage or I'm happy to add another $10 on your asking price. PM your bank details. Cheers, Stephen.
  4. As the title says; I'm requiring a pair of lower control arms. Let me know what you have. Cheers, Stephen.
  5. I've got it. To be frank, it's a mess. However, engine has been dismantled and machined, open to offers for block and head. At present, 1mm overbore and ready to assembly. Head is complete and untouched, ready for rebuild/porting. Turbo, ECU, EFI setup is currently spoken for. Dat2Kman, can you tell me if there's any casting numbers or tell tale signs to tell the difference between an L20 and L28 exhaust manifold? I'll confirm this publically before selling. -Stephen.
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