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  1. Hello guys want to buy a RB 20/25/30 set for my 260z 2+2 just wanting to see if anyone is selling a whole conversion that they have taken out or about to take out Located in Vic but happy to pay postage Please message me what you have. Cheers
  2. okay so iam looking at going with efi hardwares injected itb setup with my l26 i was wonder who on here has done the efi conversion and can point me in the right direction of what i will exactly need any advice will be grate i am based in melbourne so even if i can go in and see somone regarding this. cheers
  3. i honestly just want to stay L series so im on the hunt for a l28 with gearbox and loom and anything else i really need even if somones selling a efi kit and itb set up
  4. @AndBir not matching numbers mate and yeah thats what i was thinking aswell and okay i will have a ready cheers mate
  5. Hey guys so im about to start restoring my 260z, and was after a bit of advice, the car came with a l26 im not too sure if its worth me spending money on the l26 or doing the same work to a l28. Im not going to be doing anything crazy for power just efi, cam and itbs really so any information would be helpful even if anyone can point me towords where i can buy ITBs and Efi kits Thank you.
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