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  1. by far the best way is media blasting with either soda, walnut shells or glass. This will get all the paint off but will strugle with body filler and rust. Sand blasting will get everything off, but i would suggest against it due to it being so harsh and easily warping thin Datsun metal. $1k for blasting and primer is dead set cheap. Always get it blasted first before starting your repairs. Epoxy primer after blasting is best because it is not porous and can stay for as long as you need while you do your repairs. Etch primer is porous and when left too long will absorb moisture and blister paint down the track. If you soda blast, the operator will leave your rust / bog areas untouched un-primed so you can do these yourself easily when you carry out your repairs.
  2. This car has now been sold. Thanks to all who expressed interest. Best of luck to those looking for a Z cheers Adam.
  3. mr2 spider seats look good aswell. Being from a small cabin car, should fit well into a z.
  4. Mx5 seats are probably the easiest to find and a good price, come in a range of colours and look good. Both mx5 na and nb seats will fit a Z.
  5. there is no right or wrong, no way is better than the other. The BEST way is always by the manufacture specs. Personally ive used etch primer and epoxy, filler over metal and filler over epoxy. I found that is much much easier to just epoxy the entire car and take your time with the filler work. You will need to give the epoxy a scuff so the filler bites. If you are putting filler over bare metal, you need to work fast because it is porous and moisture will get under it. If a lot of moisture gets under the filler it will blister the paint down the track when the oxygen in the moisture want to escape... this is not good and would require a full bare metal respray again.
  6. Glad to see the responses here are helpful.... keep this up and I don't know how this forum is supposed to grow and expand.
  7. that is correct! Tariffs / duty are calculated by the commercial invoice amount total. Labour cost are 100% included in the duty. If an item cost $500, and there is $500 labour (both shown on the invoice) then you will pay duty on $1000 worth of goods. It all works our the same, For example, you are purchasing a CHEV crate motor from the USA. Although they have included parts and labour in thier cost, this does not show on the invoice. The invoice will be for 1 product (CHEV engine) with the total amount. Although the have not seperated the labour, its included in the cost.
  8. thanks to all for expressing your interest!! please PM me your email address and i can email photos. Cheers, Adam.
  9. ive had some interest in the shell and some interest in the parts. Next week this is going on gumtree, i need the room asap. i can sell the chassis with hanging panels for $2000. So the car will have doors, hatch, guards, bonnet, headlight buckets, scuttle panel, inspection lids, fuel filler cap, steering coloumn, steering rack, all suspension, on wheels, rare spares sill panel.
  10. ok guys sale has falled through with Brian. Car is still for sale! im after a quick sale as i need the room fast! For the chassis alone, im asking $1200 non negatiable. The chassis will come as a roller with no hanging panels, still has all suspension, R200, half shafts, brakes, steering rack etc. This car has a compeletly rust free front end, rust free roof frame, rust free rear quarters. The buyer of the chassis will get first dibs on parts.
  11. ive got two passenger gaurds... come and pick one. PM me
  12. Model: 1974 260z Location: Melbourne Item Condition: bare metal Body: some rust Drivable: no, car must be towed. Ok guys after much umming and arring ive decided to sell my project and make room for another (monaro). Its a 260z 2 seater 1974 chassis number 001014. The car is currently in bare metal and can be seen in all its glory. Not a spot of rust windscreen forward, no accident damage windscreen forward. Usual rust in the doglegs, frame rail ends. The rest of the car is rust free. Roof needs some work in the middle (needs a good beater) I have frame rails and sill panel from rare spares. Anyone interested can contact me via PM or call 0403 four one six 549 to discuss price and what parts they want (buyer of the shell will have first dibs on the parts). I have all the parts to build it, most parts I have two or three of. The car must be inspected prior to purchase. After the shell has been purchased, remaining parts will be posted in the parts section. Cheers Adam.
  13. Have you thought about getting someone to bend the tubing for you?? Then you weld it together yourself?? There is a writeup on hybridZ which also shows the exact dimensions for the main hoop (the hardest thing to fabricate)
  14. You shouldnt be charged any duty or gst unless the value of goods are over $1000aud. The only exception in Alcohol and Tabacco. Any item shipped for personal use (not for re-sale) are concidered under australian customs regulations as 'personal effects'. Even though they are for personal use the duty / gst still applies if the value of the goods is over $1000aud. There are a few tricks in 'choosing' the appropriate catergory for your goods. Motorcyles parts have no duty because Australia doesnt manufacture motorcycles. If you can declare your goods as motorcycle parts its a good option to do so. This means that there is no duty to be paid reguardless of the value. Gav how much did you declare for the mikuni's?
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