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  1. I may have a spare set under the house that I could part with but I am not sure of the condition. I think there is a crack in one of the lens but I am happy just to sell the housings if needed. There are many minor differences in the housing moulds even form month to month in the early years. These ones came off a 1970 240z (clear lens, not orange). I'll have a look later today. Bugger, I seem to have kept only the good lens and chucked the rest....I'll keep looking.
  2. My 240z (HS30-00084) is probably as good a surviving original as I've seen. Built September 1970 and bought from Ira Berk Redcliffe in December of the same year. There were only 5 delivered to Qld at the time and this was the only white one. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/43825-my-1970-240z-hs30-00084/#comment-448263
  3. I thought these were not standard for the 260Z in Australia? It wasn't on my old 260z anyway. Nonetheless I bought a plastic 2 piece one off ebay US for my 240z but decided instead to buy an original one piece metal shroud that came with the early models in the US. Plastic shrouds come up on ebay regularly on the US market if you keep an eye on it. PS: My spare plastic shroud is still in the US which I possibly could sell for $70 + shipping. I also noticed a current Gumtree ad whereby someone in Altona was selling a stack of parts for the zed and there was a shroud in the picture of his items. (could be for a 280zx)
  4. I saw this and thought how do you drive without mirrors? There is damage in last image not seen on the others?
  5. The mirrors in the first link look similar, though really hard to say with that weird setup and angle. I am struggling to see the stalk angle from the base and the angular form. The second link has mirrors that do not belong on a 240z. PM your email and I will send you pictures of the original mirrors. I have no idea how to embed them in this forum. Over the years, I have been preserving this car as a 'surviving' example of an early 240z. I am not restoring it but simply maintaining it to a very original standard. I was fortunate to buy it off the original owner who amazingly did nothing to it at all. Including plastic protection on the inner panels from the factory, original 2 sets of keys and nissan key case, D hubcaps etc - all the stuff you just don't get. Needless to say, I bought the car on the spot.
  6. HS30-00084 came with the flat chrome mirrors on the fenders. This car was built in Sep 1970 and was sold in Qld late December. You can see pics of this car at http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/check-out-my-ride/46713-my-1970-240z-hs30-00084-a.html I have since bought a pair of the original black JDM bullet style mirrors with the longer stalk and plan to restore these and put them on the car.
  7. No problem. Let me know if it sells. If not, I could also check out the centre caps for the rims at the same time.
  8. Best stuff to use is a closed cell PVC light to medium density foam. Make sure it is closed cell, not open. Bunnings sell a self adhesive strip from Moroday. You will find the 6mm thickness x 25mm width fits perfectly.
  9. Nice 240z. I like the fact you are keeping it original because it is hard to resist modifying these cars over time and early period correct cars are becoming harder to find. My HS30-00084 (sept 70) has the original factory fender mirrors still attached which are the chrome flat type. Refer avatar Pic. They are similar to the one shown in the pic from Lynton which is the correct type for this car. That said, I am on the hunt for a pair of JDM bullet fender mirrors from the same era if anyone doesn't want theirs. Most the stuff you are after is available on the US market and ebay.com if you are patient and are willing to pay shipping. http://jdm-car-parts.com/ is as good a place as any to start.
  10. I am currently trying to refresh my 1970 240z and am currently would like to get my hands on the following items if anyone can help: - An original set black seatbelts. Mine were originally installed with a silver/ grey finish. Not sure why? - Series 1 Driver's seat in good condition. - 280zx black gear knob - Series 1 right rear interior quarter panel - A set of JDM original fender mirrors (black). Not holding my breath on this one. - Chrome headlight trims with plexiglass covers. Yeah I know but I have to ask. - Front Brake dust covers - Rear deck carpet in original loop. Needless to say I am chasing the original stuff. I have been generally looking for awhile but not easy to find. Maybe someone has it stashed when they upgraded their car and kept the parts.
  11. No problem, I will post the picture tomorrow - I just need to remember to take a shot of them when I get home. There are two styles of the zx caps so not sure which type you are after - the 4 or 6 spoke wheel type? There is also a set for sale at the moment from datsunation on ebay.com (US). I bought a 1970 radiator shroud from them recently and they shipped it directly to me without a hiccup.
  12. Pretty sure I have a second hand set in the garage. I will post a pic. I am also in Brisbane so you can pickup as well if you want. Not sure what I paid for them but I don't need them.
  13. This old thread may be resolved but it came up on a recent search and I have 2c. No.84 240z is a Sept 1970 make bought from Ira Berk in Qld late Dec 1970. I understand it be part of the first shipment of cars to this state. I don't believe the 240z was on sale in the first half of 1970.
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