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WITHDRAWN - Datsun 240Z 5 Speed Manual with matching numbers for SALE


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Model: Datsun 240z 5 Spd Manual

Location: Adelaide

Item Condition: Good & Original

Body: Refer to description below

Mechanical: Running

Price and Payment Conditions: $13,500 AUD

Registration: Selling registered

Engineers Certificate: No

Pictures: http://orange240z.webstarts.com/gallery.html

Video :

Contact Details: Naveen , 0420996747 or nvela7@gmail.com


I bought this car in 2011 but have now decided to sell it as I have moved houses and I don’t have enough garage space. The car number is HS30-00838 and is a five speed manual gear box with matching engine numbers


This car is very original, I am still using the original speakers and have not cut any part of the interior to add speakers. I also have the original booth straps to secure luggage. This is a very authentic Datsun 240 Z

About the Car

The car was delivered to its first owner on 1st of November 1971 by “Total Automotive Services Limited” of Flinders Street, Adelaide (have the paper work to support this). The first owner was a gentleman from Strathalbyn, SA who passed the car on to his son (I met him by chance one day). His son then sold it to a gentlemen from Angle Vale, SA who owned it for approximately four years. To whom I bought it from last year.

The last owner had a L28 motor in this car and stored the L24 in his shed. Prior to taking ownership, the last owner replaced the clutch, rings and a few other minor bits an re-installed the L24 as part of the condition of sale.


Rust & Exterior

I can send you a diagram of the rust spots on the car when I first picked it up and photos of the work that has been done. The major rust work on the car has been professionally attended to. There is some surface rust in the spare wheel well. There are also a few bubbles appearing but nothing major. I can send you specific pictures



This car has matching engine numbers and pulls well for a 40 year old motor.  Carburettors are the original twin SU Hitachi’s that have been overhauled by Adelaide Carburettors. Spent a lot of time on the engine to get it to run smoothly. There are receipts to indicate what has been done and all mechanical work has been professionally done by Adelaide Z Cars



The car can do with some new carpets. I have all the original bits which will make it easier if you want to get customized carpets made. Alternatively, you can buy pre-made carpets specifically for a Datsun 240Z. 

Bad Points

Apart from the surface rust, the rubbers on the rear bumper need to be replaced. I have new one’s which I will pass on as part of the sale. Unfortunately the dashboard is cracked

Additional information

I will also include the following as part of the sale : 1) Workshop Manual, 2) Z car Restoration Book, 3) Original steel wheels with hubcaps, 4) Original Hitachi Radio + Manual


I am a meticulous owner, have a look another car I used to own for 4 years (now sold) :  http://300zx.webstarts.com/index.html


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Hi Guys


Just a quick update....I have had some calls and emails about the car. Asking how soon am I looking to sell ? The answer is, there is no timeline. If it doesn't sell, I'll build another car port, fix the minor rust (may re-spray), change the mags to 8 spoke performance Superlites and just hold on to it.


Also, got an email from a mate of mine in Malaysia who did a "barn find" of 240z in Kuala Lumpur. His excitement reminded me how rare these cars are :) Will post some pics of the car up when i get them. Apparently it has the original bits and he got the engine to start.




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Today i was driving from Toowoomba to Stanthorpe and i saw what looks like an ex race 240z in a farmers front yard up on a podium with no wheels, kind of like a monument. I'm going back friday to knock on the door and see what's in the shed!

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