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WTB Clutch Pedal


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Hang on. Q. By 280Z are you meaning the S30 series 280Z as sold in the USA ie. the continuation of the 240Z / 260Zs, ie. your car is LHD;

or, the 280ZX (S130 series) LOTS of which came into NZ as used car Jap imports in the '80s/'90s and many for some reason (JDM?) had '280Z' rather than '280ZX' badges on them. Caused lots of confusion back then and probably still does.

260Z clutch and brake pedal shafts are different shapes Gav, the clutch pedal is straighter, so I don't know that using 2 brake pedals would work, maybe, but they would be closer together. Could always try, or modify as required.

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