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72 240z for sale HS30-100053

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I'm selling my 240z (HS30-100053), due to a job change and ongoing renovations. I just don't have as much time to spend driving the car, and it seems like a waste to leave it sitting in my garage.

I thought that I would list it here before listing on other sites.

The car drives really well, sounds great, has been/is super reliable and looks really tidy. You can literally buy it and drive it home. 

Model: 240z 1972

Location: Sydney

Price: $49,000

Item Condition: Good to Excellent

Body: Straight, slight rust bubble on rear wheel arch on LHS

Mechanical: Runs and drives perfectly, with no real issues. 

Registration: Historic registration till March 2020

Extra Info: I've owned the car for the last 3 years. Since that time it's been garaged and driven every second weekend. I replaced the brake lines, slave cylinder, temp sensor, exhaust, seats and wheels. I also installed a fan shroud and the car hasn't gone over 1/2 way on the gauge when driving in summer.  The previous owner had the car for about 16 years and restored the car, he replaced major panels, bonnet, rear hatch, dash, carpets, head liner etc. All the gauges work (except for the clock).

I have a spare set of 260z wheels, the original exhaust manifold

Contact Details: PM me for more info.










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On 11/23/2019 at 7:57 AM, zed74 said:

you also have an extra zero in your chassis number...as a 72 it will be in the 10,000 range not 100000

I am going over old chassis no's and this car came up on my radar. I believe the number of 0's is correct. I think the model year is wrong. It's listed as a 72 but is actually a 73.

I found older photos of the car and it has the 73 indicators above the bumper, but they appear to have been removed...


Edit not the first time it caused confusion either.


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4 hours ago, 24 Dat said:

I thought 1/2 way through the 72 cars they added an extra 0 


The answer is, it's complicated.


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