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Datsun 240Z / 260Z Honda Wiper Motor Upgrade With Wiring And Relay

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Sick of your useless Zed wiper motor?! 


Here is a pretty serious upgrade from a Honda Civic!


If you are reading this you are likely well aware of swapping the original Zed wiper motor  for a 1990s era Honda Civic wiper motor .


If not check this link out for the details:



The wiper motor needs 3 new holes drilled ,  your bracket notched out slightly and a changeover relay wired in to ensure the wipers return to there home position.


The spline on the honda motor is exactly the same as the zed one


I disassemble, clean , check brushes and armature etc , reassemble and test before sending to the buyer.


The wiper motor also comes with the factory socket fitted and the wiring harness that plugs in to it . I have also included the needed changeover relay, a new 6 pins plug to attached to the Honda harness and socket to replace the worn brittle one under the bonnet. 


you will however have to complete the wiring modifications yourself with the instructions found online.


Any questions let me know,




Free postage Australia wide.


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On 10/10/2020 at 9:49 AM, peter t said:

If you have a sixpin conector already in your Z direct wiring as per diagram will get you going also.  this is for 260.


I still have trouble wipers not returning all the way to start when turning off. Any suggestions??


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