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Highly collectible early 240z # 0672 race shell for sale.


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Here we have the opportunity to buy a highly collectible race car for a rock bottom price of $3000.00, purely based as it is only the smashed shell for sale, a chance to save another 240z from being cut up.

Matt (PZG302) still a member of this forum and still in the racing game owned this NSW road registered car for over 15 years, first racing in the NSW state series, where the car took out out the 1997 NSW Marque Sports driver's Championship and was a consistent top 5 car. It had a ten year brake from racing from 1999 to 2009 with sporadic outings at hill climbs and selected race meetings. In 2011 for his first full season in a long time the car was a consistent top 5 car around lakeside in the PSCRAQ championship, and after 3 rounds in the 2011 series was sitting in 2nd place for the 2B championship.


If this car was restored to it's former gory the car would be fully compliant with 2B prodsports by fitting the headlights

You could then run anywhere, such as sprints, hill climbs in championship classes as well as door to door when you want to step up.

Door to door includes CAMS championship sprint races in QLD, NSW and Vic, as well as the one hour series that is run at Bathurst at Easter, Wakefield, QR or Warwick and finishes at Phillip Island in November each year. PLus can be run various AASA events that are either prod sports rounds or run to prod sports rules in Qld, Vic and NSW plus the 300km races at Wakefiled and Winton.

Here is a video of the Zed at it's shakedown run last August at QR, before we went to Morgan Park for the one hour enduro.

Apparently he jagged fastest time of the day, not bad for making sure everything was working right. 



If this car was restored Matt still has the log books and is willing to to release these to the person upon his approval of the car when it is ready for Cams inspection, any racing information and detail you will need to get from him, the log books have nothing to do with this sale and only an arrangement between Matt and the buyer after the car is finished. I am sure he would even sign the dash board for you.

This car is not on any register as a right off so should be no real problems getting back on the road.

For best investment potential I would suggest the car would be better to be restored to former race days. Matt is building another race car so his racing history days will only get better.


Sadly after his efforts at the lakeside 50th Anniversary meeting 2011 the car was smashed as shown.










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Condition is crashed, the front left corner needs to be cut off and the front right will have to be checked. Both top and bottom radiator supports had to be cut to get motor out.

The roof is in good condition, as is the left rear quarter. The right rear quarter is useable, but has had a hit that was repaired. The inner guards are also modified for extra clearence.


The rear panel is good as is the rear floor from the step back. The front of the floor around the footwells and transmission tunnel isn't great, it got tweaked in the hit. The firewall is also ordinary. The front....well the right inner and rail maybe useable. The cage is six point and is also useable.


Price to get this highly collectable shell is $3000.00.

Shell is located on the Gold Coast Qld.










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Just to help this car come back to life I do have 2 other zed cars that can be sold separately and used to rebuild this shell, one is a project rebuild 1971 240z complete car with matching number motor which needs a roof and a 1975 260z 2+2 complete car which is very rusting but the front is fine to rebuild this race shell. there is also a complete L28 motor needing rebuild out of a 280c.

I have decided at the moment to not sell these cars until this race shell is sorted, so the buyer can have first choice on the other cars either it gets rebuilt or cut up.


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Funny I was thinking of you today, felt sorry for that guy to piss you around like that, I have done nothing and been thinking about keeping them and sorting out when I get walking again, not sure how long that will be.


Seeing you were interested in these years ago, even though you never came to see them, I will make you a one time offer, you can have the lot for 4k, but you only have till next Sunday to put a deposit on them. After that I will keep them.

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Let me talk it over with the wife and I will let you know. Any chance of getting photos of the other 2 cars just to show her? This is an amazing deal so will let you know during the week how I go. The only thing is space so if can convince Her I can find the space it should be sweet.

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Your funny, thinking some pictures of 2 rusted cars and a smashed up race car will change her mind, Forgiveness is easier to get than permission,

If I was going to keep the cars the 2+2 would be cut up for the parts for the race car as the front is fine for it, the roof of the 2+2 I was going to use on the matching # 1051 car making a complete one using the hatch and back sides off the old roof. so there will be only 2 cars to store both being 240z's

The #1051 car only needs the roof replaced and the back hatch panel, and some small rust repairs that have shown up on the back corners of rear guards, the rest is only surface rust that will clean up with a disk. The matching motor still turns and dash has been re-skinned.

I have no photos on this computer and I am sure they may be lost when my office one went down, will take some when I get a chance.

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When my lady came back from holiday she walked past my new sports bike for 3 days parked beside my other one while she was using the washing machine, it was only when my mate who I bought it off said something about me buying more motorbikes while she was away, she said "like hell he is", we both laughed then he told her I already had it, she said "no he hasn't" and she walked passed it for 3 days.  Still have both bikes.

Forgiveness is easier than permission.

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I have had a few e-mails asking about photos of the other cars, so I will answer them all here, I offered a deal to Adam and others for 4k for the lot as they have been messaging me for years, as per this add it shows pictures of the race car that could be repaired by un-stitching the left front and replace with parts off a 2+2 I have, the other car is a complete matching #240z which was partly restored in 1989 which I cut a T-Top into it, full strip down and sand blasting, put on a spit and floors, dog legs and other rust parts replaced, I painted all parts and started putting back together, I had a mate who's brother convinced me he was a panel beater and he filled it up with bog and spay putty, when I seen it I was not happy and sacked him, I wanted a panel beater not a bog filler, so the car was left as work when bad, the car has been sitting in a shed since then, it needs the roof replaced as that was a bad decision back then to do a T-Top, that is why I bought the race car for the roof, the race car is to good to cut up, the matching # motor was rebuilt and placed in my daily driver 2+2, that car is complete and very rusty in the back, only suitable for parts car.

So I wanted 3k for the race car, that would make for an extra 1k and they would of got

A complete matching number 1052 car with a re-skinned dash,, needs a roof and a few new rust repairs on the back hatch and corner of rear guard's

A 100% complete 2+2  that has the 240z motor in it and complete air con, and the seats from the 240, it is a rust bucket at the back but front is fine for parts for the race car.

There was a complete L280c motor sitting in the shed as well.

The 1052 car is sitting in a shed with flat tires, for me to take photos I would need to move the car to get around it, so I would need to clean the shed up to make room, no point taking photos of a dusty car, so while I am at that I might as well clean all the junk out of the car that doesn't belong there, while I am doing that I might as well grind all the flaking filler off and clean the surface rust off, seeing the T-Top looks unsightly now, I might as well cut that off also. I can use the roof off the 2+2 to make this complete, so might as well start cutting up the 2+2.

People don't like the idea of to many cars so I will need to take the motor out of the 2+2, while I am doing that I might as well clean it up so it looks nice in a photo, might as well put in back in the matching car to make it easy for transport, might as well take the seats, and windscreen out of the 2+2 and put that with the 1052 car, that will make that 99% complete, so to make it 100% I should of bought a pressure plate, that has gone missing. Seeing the motor still turns over I might as well get that going.

Since I am going to clean all the rust off to make a nice photo, I had better put an undercoat on it as well to stop it rusting again.


So as you can see trying to sell 3 Zd's car is not easy, to make things worse I have a broken hip, so please all the people that want nice photo's taken the cars will be taken off the market until I can get those nice photos for you.

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I'm truely surprised how hard a time you are having selling these to be honest, especially with all the wanting a 240z or 260z 2 seater posts on the forums.


I know its a lot of work but you are basically getting 2 cars for the price of one...


Anyway good luck with the recovery of your hip Patch and the sale of the cars.


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Thanks Karl, I can't believe how hard it has been either, but don't worry I have had my fair share of the one's wanting a Zed car contact me as well, It is all my fault if I had of had the cars ready for nice photo shots and ready to drive on a trailer for the 4k for the 3 cars they would have been sold by now, as that is what most expected.


At the moment I have given up trying to sell them and I am not far from walking so might be able to start back in the shed again so will get them ready for the photo shoot that they all what photo's of.


When a man says he is going to do a job, you don't need to remind him every 6 months to do it, so no reminders please. ;)

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I'm truely surprised how hard a time you are having selling these.


I'm not. Had a hard time myself selling a straight but rusty 240z myself. Started it at $5000, and had to take $3000.  Most people don't want to put the work into it, or don't have fat enough wallets to get the work done. Most people want a Z that just needs a buff and a polish and a tune up, and be drivable, and they want to pay 1990's prices for them.  ::)


Is there no Z specialist workshop over where you are that might be interested the lot for parts?

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Dave you have no idea how much I want a 240z and the deal you offered is amazing and I am keeping money stashed aside because basically here is my theory.


The wife won't let me buy using our combined savings (the money I convinced her to use for the other 240z I was going to buy but got screwed on) because of how many there was and lack of space here so if I just keep the money aside from my own savings therefor she can't say no. So if these pop back up for sale next year (I plan on having my 2+2 done by years end) I will be racing down your house throwing the money at you so you better have upgraded from walking to running so you can catch it all.

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