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  1. Yeh they're pretty hard to find it seems. Looks like fixing will be the plan. Thanks mate!
  2. Hmm just realised I wasn't logged in when i posted before! Anyway I'm pretty sure the 2+2 is just a little wider hence I grabbed a 2 seater one to see how close it would be, hopefully I can just add some metal as required.
  3. Hahahaha doh! That'll teach me for only looking at the Month and date and not the year! My bad
  4. Potentially interested, just need to hit mine with the wire wheel to confirm if the filler on them is hiding rot.... @wayne080866 when are you looking at cutting off the group buy?
  5. Planning to take it a fair way back, probably right back so that i can be sure there isn't any hidden rust etc. Got it in the shed now and up on the lift so the plan is to start tinkering away bit by bit. It's going to be a long game but I'm definitely a believer of do it once do it right! Already got a long list of metal that's got to get ordered! At this stage my shopping list is inner and outer lower rear quarters for both sides, rear hatch slam panel, front guards, possibly the doglegs too as i can see filler in the current ones although i'll strip them back and see what im working with first. Anyone got recommendations of where to find front guards?
  6. Thanks mate, I'll come up with a list and let you know, its a new project to me hence I'm only getting to grips with what i need but there are a few bits!
  7. Much appreciated mate! Is it likely you might have other bits available?
  8. G'day All. I'm looking for a manual pedal box to suit a 260z as well as a centre console. Also after a fuel tank, not sure if a 2 seater one will fit? They're for my 2+2 project. Happy to pay for postage of course! I see Oliphips is also after a pedal box in a separate thread, hence if there are any out there please let him have first dibs. Cheers, Rob
  9. Hey If oliphips doesn't end up chasing this down would you mind passing me his details? I've got a separate WTB thread. Please note that i dont want to snake you Oliphips so if you're after it i'm not going to come in and rip the carped out from under you!
  10. Thanks guys, Photos attached. Having bought the car sight unseen and having only had a proper look over it today I was pleasantly surprised that the rust on it isn't as bad as i'd first thought. I however did find and unexpected surprise. The car has an L28 in it. Would've been nice to have the original engine in it as I like the idea of having all the original significant components, but given the intent is to swap it out eventually i suppose it doesn't matter so much. Would've been nice to have matching numbers though! I'm definitely going to need a fair few parts so i'll be on the hunt soon!
  11. Thanks Gav, I'll pop some up tomorrow as I actually haven't taken any yet!
  12. G'day Guys, Looks like there's a few of us in Adelaide that are joining the z family! My name is Rob and I've picked up a 260z 2+2. It's a 77 Auto with the L26. Long term I'd like to do an engine swap, possibly a VQ series engine however for now the intention is to swap in a manual box and get the old girl cleaned up and eventually running. I started off in cars with Nissan's having owned a Pulsar, Gti-R, 32GTR (wish i didnt sell that one...) and more recently having moved across to the euro side of the house with a handful of different euro cars . It is nice however to have a JDM car back in the shed and i'm looking forward to it hopefully being a project me and the little tacker (in a few years when he's a bit older) can work together on. Thanks for having me, looks like a great resource that is here! I'll no doubt have a million questions so apologies in advance for the dumb questions that may be inbound! Cheers, Rob
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